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Twitter Logo: Elon Musk states goodbye to the iconic blue bird logo of Twitter, redirects to Twitter



twitter logo will now redirect a user to Twitter, Elon Musk discovered. He also hinted at the brand new emblem with a view to in all likelihood update. The enduring blue bird has been associated with the Twitter logo ever since its inception.

Elon Musk has often made Marvel announcements on Twitter and this weekend become no extraordinary. The billionaire announced that Twitter will soon be rebranded into X, the ‘the entirety app’ that he has been speaking approximately for quite a while. The Twitter owner thus asked hundreds of thousands of users to put together themselves to bid farewell to the enduring Blue Bird logo that we’ve got to partner with Twitter over time.

“And shortly we shall bid adieu to the Twitter logo and, steadily, all of the birds,” Musk wrote in a tweet on Sunday morning.

And now, a massive alternative has already been made. The domain redirects a consumer to Twitter, Musk found out. He additionally hinted at the brand new logo so one can most in all likelihood replace the Bluebird.


Elon Musk tips at new brand

Elon Musk has pinned a video on his profile this is in all likelihood to be the brand new Twitter emblem. In another tweet, he posted the equal brand in the form of textual content.

In every other tweet, Musk wrote that now takes a user to And that the interim X logo will move live soon.

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And certainly, if you type into your web browser it’ll take you to This makes us surprised if Musk will soon exchange’s area for as an alternative. The best time will tell.

Linda Yaccarino calls X a 2d hazard

On an associated note, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is likewise speaking about Twitter logo X on the platform and is calling it a ‘2D hazard to make but some other big impact’.

Linda, in a Twitter thread, officially brought X and the whole lot that the crew hopes to acquire with the platform. Calling X a 2d risk to make another massive effect, she wrote, “It’s a very rare thing – in life or a commercial enterprise – that you get a second hazard to make every other big impression. Twitter had one big influence and modified the manner we speak. Now, X will go further, remodeling the worldwide town square.”

In every other tweet, Yaccarino stated that we have already seen X taking shape in the previous couple of months. How? well, all the capabilities that Twitter has been rolling out and the modifications that we’ve visible had been part of its rebranding to X, the CEO found out.

Twitter is working with its partners to deliver X to the sector

We’ve already begun to view X take form over the last eight months via our fast characteristic launches, however, we’re simply getting begun, she wrote.

She concluded the thread by announcing that X might be an application as a way to supply ‘everything’. She said that Twitter is working with its partners to deliver X to the sector.

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In the meantime, a court docket document submitted in a court in California on April 4. Hinted that Twitter does not exist as an unbiased entity. The organization had been merged into X Corp.

“Twitter Inc. has been merged into X Corp. and does not exist. X Corp. Is a privately held business enterprise, integrated in Nevada. And with its main workplace in San Francisco, California,” the report read. The merger turned into submitted on March 15 and in keeping with the filings. Musk is the president of the organization as well as of its figure, X Holdings Corp, that turned created in March as properly.


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