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Twitter now allows users to share same tweet in up to 20 separate DMs





  • Twitter rolls out a series of improvements to its Direct Message system.
  • Android users will have to wait a bit longer than iOS and web tweeters to gain access to this feature.
  • iOS users will be able to access the “add reaction” menu from both double-tapping and long-pressing on a message.

Twitter is finally giving its DM search feature more attention. Now You Can Send Twitter DMs To Multiple People At Once And It Won’t Create A Group. The feature is coming to the iOS and web versions of Twitter first and soon to Android over the coming weeks. The company is also working on the ability to search the content of messages, rather than just the sender.

Previously, if you selected multiple accounts before sending a direct message, Twitter created a message group with all of these accounts. With this new update, users will be able to choose to send the message to each account separately, rather than in a group.

For iOS users, Twitter is tweaking DM timestamps; now instead of stamping each message within a DM conversation with the date and time, the messages will be grouped by day. This will reduce “timestamp clutter,” Twitter says. And, iOS users will soon be able to access the “add reaction” buttons not only by double-tapping but by long-pressing on a message.

The company said in its announcement:

“No more (awkward) accidental group chats when you DM a Tweet to multiple people. Now you can share the same Tweet in up to 20 different DM convos, separately.”

In addition to this new feature, Twitter is also adding other options and enhancements to its DM system. For instance, users will now find a button to quickly scroll to the last message sent in a conversation. Users will also find the option to react to a message when using long-press, and it is now easier to find a conversation by date.

Twitter has added extra options to the iOS app, which will get new ‘visitor administration’ controls and search options for Spaces. Twitter has additionally mounted a couple of bugs to make Spaces extra dependable. The controls for participants have moved to the top so that they’re always accessible. Twitter has also added a “section state” for the host to “better see what type of participants they have in their Space (including pending speaker requests)”.

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