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Twitter to soon allow users ability to control who can tag them in tweets



Twitter New Features

Key Specifications:

  • Twitter is working on new Control features for who can mention them in a Tweet
  • The feature is currently under development
  • It will make a fundamental shift in how people mention and tag others with their posts on the platform.

Microblogging platform Twitter is reportedly working on the ability to allow users to control who can mention them in tweets. The new functionality will stop anyone to tag or mentioning your Twitter handle with their posts unless you want them to.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong first spotted the test version of the feature, saying “Twitter is working on letting you control who can mention you on Twitter”. Twitter privacy designer Dominic Camozzi confirmed that the feature is in the works but later deleted the tweet.

Twitter is bringing some Control Features on who can mention them in a Tweet

Jane Manchun Wong explains that users will be given two settings. They can either choose to allow others to mention them in tweets, except those who they have blocked or they can allow only their followers to mention their handle. At present, Twitter users can tag and address any public account by adding ‘@’ with the username in their tweets and replies.

The feature, when it arrives, will make a fundamental shift in how people mention and tag others with their posts on the platform.

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Parag Agrawal, Ned Segal and Vijaya Gadde are no longer accosicated with Twitter

The feature will prevent Twitter users from bullying or harassment.

The upcoming feature is appreciable as it will provide some sort of privacy for public accounts. As mentioned above, anyone can tag any Twitter account handle right now. The feature is also expected to cut down online bullying to some extent.

Meanwhile, Twitter is urging users not to take screenshots of tweets. Instead, it was notifying users to share a link to the tweet. Twitter was displaying a prompt to its user when they take a screenshot of any tweet. ‘Share Tweet instead?’, the notification read with two buttons: Copy link and Share Tweet.

In August, the company launched Twitter Circle which allows people the flexibility to choose who can see and engage with their content on a Tweet-by-Tweet basis. This makes it easier to have more intimate conversations and build closer connections with select followers.

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