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Two Ex Twitter employees are building a new Twitter alternative app



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There are many social media platforms on the web, and Twitter is among the most popular ones. Two ex-Twitter employees have started a new network called “Spill” to respond to the proliferation of Twitter clones.

Two former Twitter employees, DeVaris Brown and Alphonzo Phonz Terrell were let go in November due to the company’s new leadership. Since then, they’ve been hard at work developing an alternative microblogging platform they’re calling Spill.

We’re all aware of the new CEO’s efforts to improve operations. Musk has altered nearly all operational parameters and has fired over a thousand workers. A sizable portion of the staff has been exploring other options.

Before the company’s new leadership let him and hundreds of other employees go, Twitter’s global head of social and editorial operations, Terrell, was fired. Conversely, as Twitter’s principal product manager, Brown devoted much of his time to machine learning. Last month, during the massive layoffs, Musk also terminated his employment.

The name “Spill” comes from the phrase “spill the tea.” Thousands of individuals are already excited about the site launch in January. This new addition, which will be known as “tea parties,” is intriguing.

Mastodon is another significant competitor, and it has been gaining users as a result of people looking for an alternative to Twitter or preparing for the possibility that Musk and co. It would eventually control the service entirely.

The Spill co-founders shared with TechCrunch that they became close due to their shared experience as people of color at Twitter. Spill’s creators have indicated they were inspired to establish the platform by a desire to recognise the significant cultural achievements and influence content production by Black users. “For the previous few months, even before I left Twitter, I’ve been conversing with Black women creators and LGBTQ creators: “How do you get your money?” Do you have any foundations behind you? Is Spill anything you’d be interested in?” According to what Terrell revealed to the media.

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