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Uber rolls out new safety features including 911 texts, calls with live agents



Uber New Feature

Uber is bringing its old safety feature again. The Company is adding the feature for riders to contact security company ADT during rides. It is also enabling the customers to text 911.

You will be able to find the Safety toolkit section under Uber’s App. Under this section, customers are free to contact emergency services, report a safety issue to the company, or share their location with a family member or friend.

Uber is adding these features to provide safe rides to its customers. This feature was first rolled out in the year 2018.

“With so many safety features, it’s time for an upgrade,” Rebecca Payne, the company’s chief product manager, safety, said in a statement.

What is Uber’s new Feature?

When you tap on the shield-shaped icon will bring up four options: contact 911, contact an ADT safety agent, share trip status, or report a safety issue to the company.

The Company recently added Contact to the ADT safety agent feature. When you do not feel safe but don’t qualify to call a 911-level emergency. But for safety, if you still want to report, then the newest option is for you.

You can freely call an ADT agent. The agent will stay in contact with you during the whole ride. In case of any emergency, he can even call to 911 on your behalf

Uber first tested this feature in nine cities in the USA and it receives an overwhelming response.

Uber is expanding the text 911 feature to more cities

Moreover, Uber is going to expand its text-911 function to more cities. The company says that 60 percent of markets will now have the feature, including all of California and New York.

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When any rider is in trouble and accesses the 911 feature in the app. The rider will receive a prewritten message including information about the trip, such as the vehicle information and location.

 In the years 2019 and 2020, the company reported 3,824 sexual assault incidents. Uber reported a similar number of results in previous years. This forces the Company to update its Uber apps.

According to the recent safety report, the company reported that 99.9% of the average of nearly 3 million rides per day had no reports of safety incidents, including car accidents, physical assaults, or sexual assaults.

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