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What is Unblockit? How to Access the Blocked Websites?



Over the years, the Internet has become a huge part of our lives. The Internet began in the 1990s, and now we can’t even imagine a single second without it. Whether you are a teacher or a student, a businessman or a shopper, we access the Internet to gain information in every field. However, there are certain websites that we can’t access due to various reasons, such as geographical restrictions or government censorship. If you are frustrated due to content inaccessibility, Unblockit is here to save your lives.

It acts as a proxy service that allows users to access torrent sites. This tool bypasses restrictions put on it by Internet service providers or the government by providing a layer of safety. With Unblockit, you will get direct access links to

What is Unblockit?


Unblockit is a revolutionary tool for Internet users. It is a versatile tool that can bypass any type of restriction on online content effortlessly. By using this tool, you can easily say goodbye to “Not available in your region” messages.

It acts as a bridge between the user and the website and gives you the freedom to access the site without being tracked. Unblockit is a free web proxy service that enables users to access prohibited websites by hiding their IP address and location.

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Whether you are a student who is trying to access educational websites or want to communicate with your loved ones, Unblockit ensures that no website is off-limits. On Unblockit, you will find several websites that were restricted due to their constant address changes; you can access them effortlessly.

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Key Features of Unblockit

1) Break through obstacles

By using Unblockit, you can access geo-restricted content without much effort.

2) User-Friendly Interface

It has an easy-to-navigate interface. All you need to do is type in the URLs of the website that you want to access.

3) Speed

It provides you with the fastest connection on the web.

How does Unblockit work?

We are all aware that accessing torrent websites is illegal. This tool works in such a way that your identity on the Internet remains hidden while accessing any restricted website. Here is how Unblockit works:

1) SSL Encryption

The first task of Unblockit is to encrypt your connection. Any information transmitted between your device and the website is turned into unreadable code so that no one can track your online behavior.

2) IP Masking

The IP address plays an important role on the Internet. It can reveal your identity and location. So while accessing restricted websites, it becomes necessary to mask your IP address. this tool automatically does this task for you. It concealed your IP address and changed it into a new one on the network of servers.

3) VPN technology

VPN stands for virtual private network. Internet traffic is redirected from the Unblockit secure VPNs before going to the desired website. In this way, Unblockit encrypts all the incoming and outgoing data and provides the ultimate protection.

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What are the services offered by Unblockit?

This tool provides the following services to its users:

1) Torrent sites

Unblockit provides a list of all torrent sites that are blocked by the government. This tool lets users access these torrent sites in no time.

2) Sports Streaming

Unblockit also lets users access all the sports streaming websites.

3) Streaming Sites

The craze for sports streaming websites is rising day by day. With the help of Unblockit, you can unblock access to all video streaming websites.

4) Books download sites

It also lets users access all the blocked books download websites. So you can download any type of book and enjoy reading.

5) Music download sites

By using this tool, you can easily unblock all the music download websites. In this way, you can download any kind of music document in a matter of seconds.

Tips while using Unblockit

  • Be careful while providing your personal details to unknown websites.
  • Always use anti-virus or anti-malware software while accessing proxy sites.
  • Always use strong and unique passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything about Unblockit. It is one of the best proxies to access restricted websites on the Internet. With Unblockit, you can freely explore any of the websites on the internet. I hope you will find this post helpful or informative.

Thanks for reading!!

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