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Valheim Steam Early Access version sold 3 million copies in less than 3 weeks



Valheim Steam Early Access version sold 3 million copies in less than 3 weeks

Hi Readers!! There is some good news for all game lovers, if you are searching for the best survival game with all enhancing features at a very reasonable price, then your search is complete. Valheim Game is the best game at this point. the game is launch on the 2nd of Feb and within such a short span of time, the game has millions of active users.

Valheim is the third-most played survival game on Steam

As of now, the Valheim survival game is the third-most played game, ahead of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike.

On February 10th, just eight days after launch, developer Iron Gate announced that Valheim had already sold 1 million copies. Five days after that, Valheim reached 2 million sales. On Friday, February 19th it hit 3 million sales.

The game has also surpassed a total of 20 million gameplay hours watched. It topped the Steam Top Sellers list during Valve’s Steam Lunar New Year sale — despite having zero discounts.

It also set a top-ten record with peak players at around 498,478 on Monday. This is more than games like Terraria, Fallout 4, Life is Strange 2, Among Us, and POSTAL.

More types of weapons will be added as well.  Further, five fully developed biomes, 280 different items such as weapons, materials, armors, etc are also included in this version.

How to Start a Server in Valheim??

  1. Select your character.
  2. From the Select World menu, either choose from the list of worlds you’ve already created, or click the New button to create a new world.
  3. Choose Start Server if you only want friends in your world, or choose Community Server if you want to accept any player.
  4. Optionally set a password to restrict access to your server. Without a password, friends on Steam can log right into your server, and anyone browsing the server list (from Valheim’s Join Game menu tab) can join a community server.
  5. Click Start to load into the server. Once you’re in, others can enter.
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