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What Gadgets Can You Use To Scan Documents Quickly?



It goes without saying that technology makes businesses more agile. Whatever gadget you use, if you know how to get the most out of it, you can take your daily duties to an absolutely new level. For example, you can scan documents quickly with your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or a computer regardless of the operating system you use. Of course, each of these gadgets has its features and additional aspects to consider. Nevertheless, it will not take you much time to dive in and see what happens next.


There is no need to explain that scanning apps for the iPhone are convenient and portable. Once you try such tools, you’ll never find an argument to get back to traditional scanning machines. With a reliable adobe scan for iPhone, you can scan any letters, business contracts, documents, receipts, student assignments, and other essential papers on the fly. All you need is to download the Scanner App, open the application, then point the camera to the document. That’s it! The app will just scan your paper, so you can edit it, share it through the Internet, send it via fax, etc.

Speaking about the advantages of scanning documents with a smartphone, it is important to mention that you can scan docs at a fair price. Any application is much cheaper than a scanner, and it comes with more opportunities for document digitization. Forget about redundant devices and save your budget for other operational costs.

Moreover, if you want to stand out among your competitors, it would be a good idea to be fast to adapt to technology and fulfill your business needs right then and there.

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One of the benefits of having a camera on your tablet is that you can scan docs with ease. Just take a photo of a paper to “scan” it and save it as a PDF file. In fact, the result will be the same as if you use a scanning machine but you’re absolutely not tied to your office. Your location doesn’t matter.

To complete this task, you need to download an app on your iPad and take a photo (or upload it from your Camera Roll). The next steps are pretty easy: an application will put a box around the edges that will be automatically detected. If adjustment is needed, you can easily change the corners and edges.

Most apps come with different additional features like document size choice, brightness and contrast, notes, sharing options, etc.

Obviously, the iPad is one of the best gadgets for scanning and the point is that you need a good application that meets your needs. However, an iPhone might be a better option since it is always at hand and you’re less likely to forget it at home or at the office.

iPod Touch

Though iPhones and iPads have in-built features to scan documents, we’ve mentioned that you can get the most out of this tool if you use an appropriate app.

But is it possible to use an iPod for the same goal? You can! iPod Touch also comes with an in-built feature, and the on;y thing you need is the Notes app.

The process is pretty simple:

  • Open the Notes application. You can work with an existing note or create a new one. You’ll see a camera icon in the menu. Tap on it and select the appropriate option.
  • Your paper will be automatically scanned if your iPod is in Auto mode. If you run into an issue, you can tap the round button and capture a scan manually.
  • Adjust the scan to fit the page.
  • Add additional scans if needed.
  • Save the document.
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Now that your task is completed, you can save a scanned document for future use, and send it via text message, email, fax, etc.


There are many reasons business people have to scan papers, receipts, letters, checks, photos, contracts, and other documents into their computers. Speaking about the most common reasons, we can mention the need to send a file to someone across the world at once. Obviously, shipping methods like mail are not that fast. Besides, we should admit that modern businesses are going paperless which means that you need to keep all the documents in digital format.

That’s where computers can’t be as efficient as your smartphone or tablet. For this purpose, you need to have a multifunction printer (it can be also called an all-in-one printer). Though this device can cover all your needs, you might face some confusing issues when setting it up and using it. Moreover, such printers often require various drivers and applications. And if you want to send your scanned documents via fax, you’ll need to find a good online fax service.

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