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What is About Blank (about: blank): Is It a Virus and How to Fix It?



What Is about: blank

Hey folks, have you all noticed that from the past few days when we are trying to visit a web page, instead of opening the page, we see “about: blank” displayed in the address bar, right? Is this happening with you as well? If Yes, then don’t fret over it as we are here with all the details and fixes about this.

So, whenever you witness an “about blank” in your web browser address bar then you may get an empty page on your web browser window. Well, it does not matter on which browser you are performing search operations like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and other browsers.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, many people used to keep about: blank as their home page, so that whenever they open their web browser, then it should open with an empty white screen. But in case, your web browser always opens with an about blank option, and you are getting frustrated about it, then follow this quick guide as we will tell you how can you get rid off it.

What Is about: blank – Is it a Virus?

Blank is nothing but a blank page that is inbuilt in your web browser.  And if we talk about the “about:” part of the address then it usually tells that the browser to show internal, built-in web pages.  For example, in Chrome, you can type about:settings into the address bar to open the Settings page or about:downloads to view Chrome’s file downloads list.

So whenever you type about: blank in its address bar and then search for it. The web browser in return loads an empty page for you. Many think that this page comes from the internet, but actually, it is not. It is built into the web browser itself.

Actually, About: blank is a page that is generally shown when the browser has nothing to display on your screen.

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Why Do Browsers Have an about: blank Page?

Usually, a page is useless when it conveys no information. So many of us have a valid question that when it shows a page that is of no use then why do such pages exist on web browsers. But this page is not as useless as we think about it. This feature is of much importance for web browsers.

What browsers do casually is –

  • Initially whenever you enter a URL in the address field or hit a click on the web link.
  • After that, The web browser makes a connection to the webserver, and at the same time makes a request for the page you are looking for and at last, you will receive the code that will help the browser to showcase the page for you.
  • Then the browser sends deciphers through the HTML or PHP.
  • What’s next? Nothing, The browser usually shows the page as the code required.

But as the procedure follows, here at nowhere point you needed or wanted a blank page that shows nothing. But there may be some scenarios where these blank pages are also required. Now you must be thinking about which use cases, right? Don’t think too much, just read more to know more about it.

  • Like when want to play free games and search for a link to download the installation file.
  • Many times, the link on which you hit enter may shows the”_blank” parameter inside the <a> tag that’s used for the download link.
  • Moreover, this code allows the browser to download the file, and at the same time, it shows you a blank web page on your web browser.
  • Now you will see that the file will be downloaded at the bottom of the “about blank” page.

When Is about: blank Useful?

You must be aware that whenever you use a chrome browser, its default page comes as, right? But it is different from other browsers.

But many people also try to modify the start page to about: blank so that no web page from loading in browser comes until required. This also stops any kind of code or start-ups scripts from running whenever you start the browser.

Is It a Virus or Malware?

Well, many users have flooded the internet with similar questions like whether it is a virus or some type of malware.  If it is, then is it dangerous? So, if you are also cautious about it, then let me tell you that it is not a serious malware or virus?

Still, to clear all your doubts, we have to perform a scan with your antimalware program of choice.

How to Stop Those About Blank Popups?

If you want to stop such about: blank pages, then initially you must know that why this error is happening on your device. Who is the real culprit? If your browser has this type of setting then firstly, you have to correct it on a priority basis. For this :

  • Go to the browser.
  • Move towards settings.
  • Then undo the changes.

But if the browser settings are innocent, and still it is showing blank pages consistently then it may be possible that the browser gets corrupted because of any malware or virus present on your system.

So if this is the case, then you can uninstall or reinstall your browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or whatever you use.

But one thing worth noting here is that whenever you remove any malware then sometimes many important files may also get missing and they can’t be recovered even after the malware is removed.

Also, many antivirus and anti-malware programs also use such blank pages to keep you safe from unauthorized URLs or phishing attacks.

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How to Set about: blank as Your Start Page

If you want to set about: blank as your browser start page, then you can follow the steps given below :

In Chrome:

If you are using Chrome browser, then do as follows:

1. Initially copy this chrome://settings from here and then paste it in the search bar and press Enter.

2. Now start scrolling and move down towards the On startup section and pick Open a specific page or set of pages

3. After that you can see the URL of your current default start page.

4. Navigate towards the three vertical dots on the right side and pick the Edit option from the menu.

5. Now go to the Site URL field, and type in about: blank. Click on the Save button when you’re done.

In Firefox:

  1. First of all, go to the menu of your browser that must be located at the upper right corner of your browser.
  2. Now pick Options from the menu.
  3. Then you have to pick Home from the menu on the left navigation.
  4. Here you can select Custom URL showing in the Homepage and new windows section.
  5. Now input about: home into the field.

In Apple Safari:

  1. Go as shown Safari browser>Then click on Preferences > Move towards General settings. 
  2. Now if you go to the homepage section, In the Homepage section, type about: blank
  3. Close the tab and your settings will be done.

In Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click on the three dots menu icon at the upper right corner of your browser.
  2. Pick the Settings tab and search for the On startup section.
  3. Here click on the option Open a specific page or page.
  4. Click on the three dots to the right> then click on Edit, and input about: blank.

In Internet Explorer :

  1. Here on internet explorer, you will see a gear-shaped menu icon, click on it.
  2. Now go to the Internet Options
  3. Also In the Home page section, you can type about: blank
  4. Then Select OK quickly so that the window can be closed. 

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Final Words :

Hey folks, this is all about: blank pages. Found this informative? then share it maximum with your near and dear ones !!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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