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What Is Better Apex Legends Origin Or Stream?



Apex Legends Origin or Steam

Gone are the days when you need to visit the market to purchase a DVD for playing your favorite game on PC. Over the decades PC gaming technology has developed a lot and now you need to just hover over the website to download the desired game. Apex Legends is the most popular game that launched in the year 2019. In the beginning, the game was only available of Origin as the developers of Apex Legends were a part of EA Sports. Later in November 2020, the game got released on Steam. This creates a debatable question among players- Is Apex Legends better on Steam or Origin?

Steam and Origin are two digital gaming distribution platforms developed by two different publishers that are available on PC. With so many options to pick from, players are really confused to choose the game clients or stores. In this guide, we are going to find out which is the better Game Store for Apex Legends- Origin or Steam. So keep reading the post till the end:

Steam Vs Origin

These Game clients do offer a wide range of game titles. Let’s discuss these game stores in detail:


Steam is one of the best gaming stores that offers a wide range of PC games. This Video game distribution service is created and launched by Valve in the year 2003. These titles range from free games like CS: Go and Apex Legends to paid titles like Elden Ring and Cyber Punk. This gaming platform ha over fifty thousand game titles. The best thing about Steam is that it lets you access Steam Deck which is a portable handheld gaming Computer. Talking about the best features of Steam, it allows players to chat or add friends on Steam. It provides you in-game voice chat feature which makes it a partially Social Networking website.

Moreover, Steam used to provide user reviews for every game. This is really a helpful feature that helps you decide whether you should play the desired title or move to the next one. It really helps in saving your time and effort. This game client has its own Steam Market where players can purchase skin and other in-game items easily. The best thing about this game client is that it used to bring Seasonal perks and special offers. During these offers, players can purchase games at great discounts.

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Origin is another gaming store that lets you play a wide range of EA games. It is a digital game distribution service that has been developed by Electronic Arts. This platform lets you purchase the game at much cheaper prices. Origin does offer some free games to the players. If you love to play EA games, you can also purchase their subscriptions. Players who buy the EA Play Pro Subscription will get early access to the new games. Talking about the popularity of this platform, Origin has more than 50 million registered Accounts.

Steam or Origin: Which is better to play Apex Legends?

Wondering, which is the better platform to play the Apex Legends game.

Well, there is no straight answer to determine which is the best among the two PC Platforms-  Steam and Origin to play the Apex Legends game. According to some big players, Steam is the better platform to play Apex Legends than Origin as you will get better FPS there. From the game performance point of view, Steam is the clear-cut choice for most gamers. However, older players feel more connected to Origin as they started playing the game on this platform.

If you like to play more games like Apex Legends, then Steam is the most suitable game launcher for you. Whereas if you love to play more EA games, then the Origin game launcher is most recommended.

In order to determine which is the better option, it is best to talk about the various factors to determine the differences between the two game launchers.

1) Game Catalog

Compared to Origin, Steam offers the biggest game libraries in all genres. Moreover, this game launcher has a vast collection of games from third-party publishers whereas Origin does not have support for third-party publishers. So if you are a heavy gamer and love to play different games daily, Steam could be a better option for you. Whereas if you are a fan of triple-A titled games, that are developed by EA, having a Origin Account is the best option to launch and play Apex Legends.

So there is no one exact answer. It completely depends on the type of games you want to play.

2) Online Community

Steam offers the biggest online Communities where players can interact with each other and engage in creating and browsing content with their friends. Steam also offers Community hubs and discussions to promote the games of third-party publishers. Whereas Origin also offers Community forums that focus to interact with the players of EA games.

If you more believe in interacting with other players, Steam could be a better choice for you.

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3) Games Collection

Steam has a collection of more than 50,000 games. It has also a connection with third-party game publishers. On the other hand, Origin only releases the game developed by EA. There are very few third-party games available on the platform. Thus Origin has very little to offer.

On the other hand, every Origin game is also available on the Steam market. Thus Steam becomes the best platform in the terms of availability of games.

4) User Interface

The Steam game launcher is overloaded with lots of features. Some of these features include- Broadcasts, Workshops, Community Markets, Friends chat forums, and more. Due to this, Steam’s user Interface is quite sophisticated. In comparison to this, due to fewer features, Origin has a pretty clean and easy-to-navigate user Interface.

5) Subscription Service

Steam does not offer any Subscription service to the players. Whereas Origin offers two subscription packages to the players- EA Play and EA Play Pro. Users need to subscribe to Origin yearly or monthly basis in order to play the game. There are lots of benefits to purchasing the subscription packages. You can simply access most of the games without the need of purchasing them separately. EA Play Pro players even get early access to the upcoming games even if they are launched on Origin.

Whereas due to no subscription Service available, Steam players need to purchase every game they want to play separately.

6) Graphical Quality and FPS

When Apex Legends launches on Steam, players found that it is offering better FPS than Origin. Even many players on Reddit reported that they are getting 30-50 FPS which is far far better than Origin. Even the test conducted between the two platforms shows that the Steam version of Apex displayed better FPS. This encourages players to migrate to Steam to play Apex Legends.

How to Install Apex Legends?

The Installation procedure of Apex Legends is damn simple, no matter on which platform you are doing so. To Install the Apex Legends game, follow the steps below:

Installing Apex Legends on Origin

  • First of all, you need to download the Origin client from its official website. (Skip this step if you have already done)
  • After that, Install Origin Client on your PC.
  • When Origin Client gets installed completely, open the application.
  • Sign up for a free Origin Account
  • After that type Apex Legends in the Search bar to find it.
  • The result will appear on the screen. Tap on “Add to Library” to add the game to your library on the Origin Account.
  • Finally, tap on Download with Origin.
  • Select the physical path in your PC to create an Installation folder for the game.
  • Just follow the on-screen Instructions.
  • When the game gets installed, launch the game by clicking on the icon of Apex Legends in your library.

Installing Apex Legends on Steam

  • First of all, visit the Official website of Steam to download Steam Client on your PC.
  • Install the Steam Client on your PC.
  • When it gets installed, launch Steam.
  • Now, sign up for a free Steam Account
  • Look for the Apex Legends game with the help of the Search bar.
  • The result will appear on the screen. Click on Play Game.
  • Finally, click on Install.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How to move your Apex Legends game from Origin to Steam?

Players can easily move the Apex Legends game from Origin to Steam without downloading it again. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • First of all, you need to make sure whether is game you are playing on Origin is up to date or not.
  • After that, look for the Origin game Installation folder on your device. Once you find the folder. rename it from Apex to Apex Legends.
  • Now, locate the Steam Installation folder on your device. After that, move the Apex Legends folder to the steamapps/common folder.
  • Launch Steam and tap on the Download option. It will automatically locate your copied files in the destination folder.
  • Finally, tap on the Launch game option to play the game on Steam.

Q2: Do I need an Origin Account to play Apex Legends on Steam?

Since Apex Legends is a non-Steam game. Though you own a Steam Account, you still need to log in to the EA Account to download, install, and play the game.

Q3: Is Origin crossplay with Steam in Apex Legends?

Definitely! You can easily play this game with your friends that are playing on Steam or Origin. However, make sure that you enabled this cross-platform feature within the game. Players have even the choice to turn off Cross play feature in Apex Legends whenever they want.

Q4: Should I play Sims4 Steam or Origin?

Since the game is available on both these platforms, it is completely the players’ choice to either play the game on Steam or Origin.

Final Words

That’s everything about Which is better Apex Legends- Origin or Steam. In this guide, we thoroughly discuss both the game launchers and found that Steam is best to play Apex Legends in all aspects as Steam provides more features and provides better service than Origin. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. On what platform do you like to play the game? Do share with us in the comments section below.

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