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What Is CIDManager On and How To Stop It?




If you own a Samsung device, chances are that you may receive a “New Service Provider” Notification many times. Wondering what this Notification means? This notification is brought to you by CIDManager, which is an inbuilt app for Samsung devices. This CIDManager Notification wants to convey a message to its users.

The CIDManager app has many functions, and it is important to understand it. Today in this detailed post, we will discuss what CIDManager notification means. What message does this pop-up Notification trying to convey? Is it Safe, and how to disable the app on your device? So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is CIDManager App?

CIDManager is a preinstalled Android app on Samsung devices. This app allows the phone to match the network providers of the devices with their Countries of Origin. CIDManager stands for Carrier Identification Manager. It is a Factory installed app on android devices accountable for updating the CSC.

CIDManager is a Samsung system App that arrives with specific phone models. It helps deliver the correct Country Specific firmware update via OTP by checking the Carrier Network. This app keeps running in the background of your device and keeps an eye on the service provider changes such as downtime, changes, and others. When any changes are detected in the status of the Carrier provider, this app is used to show a pop-up notification. It is one of the essential apps required for the device’s proper functioning.

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When it detects a new service provider, it sends notifications to the users. In the first announcement, it says:  Tap then to use your new service provider’s apps and settings “. When we tap on it, it latterly says, “ To use your new service provider’s apps and settings, you need to reset your phone. This step will delete the stoner data, and some services will no longer be available. However, it is completely the user’s choice to reset the device.

What is the function of CIDManager?

It is pretty typical to understand the functioning of CIDManager. Each device has its own Design Country, such as the Original Design Manufacturing Country (ODM). It links the Carrier Network and the ODM Country to detect Country Specific firmware Updates. Specific codes known as CSCs ( Country Specific Codes) must be exchanged between the Service Provider and the ODM Country.

How to Silent CIDManager Notification?

Generally, the notification panel of CIDManager is greyed out, which means you can’t modify it. Being a system app, there is no option to revoke the notification. However, these notifications can be annoying sometimes. Fortunately, we can silence this notification to make it less disturbing.

Here’s how to silence CIDManager Notification:

  • First of all, open the notification section of your device.
  • Tap and hold the New Service Provider Notification.
  • This will open Quick Settings. Now shift from “Alert” to “Silent.”
  • That’s it! This will mute the notifications

Is CIDManager App Safe to access?

Many people believe that CIDManager spyware keeps checking all your phone’s activities. However, it is completely wrong. CIDManager is one of the safest Android apps that Samsung manufactures. This app keeps running in the background for the device’s proper functioning.

This app does not track your personal information and takes up small storage space in your device. It is an important app for better phone operation. Without this app, it is not possible to receive Country specific Firmware updates.

Big relief for Samsung phone users! The app is completely secured with Play Protect policies. So you don’t need to worry about whether the app will corrupt your data.

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When and How CIDManager App creates the problem?

Up to now, One thing is clear that CIDManager app creates the link between ODM and CSC Codes. However, if your device does not support Open Market Customization, CID Manager App notifications will keep appearing in the loop, creating problems for the user. The only way to solve this problem is to disable the CIDManager app.

How to disable CIDManager App?

Getting New Service Notifications continuously is frustrating. The only way to eliminate the problem is to Disable the app. There are multiple ways to disable the app. We are going to discuss the simplest one.

By Clearing Cache Memory

One of the quickest and easiest ways is to clear the Cache memory to fix CIDManager. Usually, this step solves all the problems.

  • First of all, open the Settings app of your device.
  • Under Settings, Select Apps
  • After this, tap on three vertical dots to select Show System Apps
  • Search for the CIDManager app.
  • Click on Clear Cache and then Force Stop.
  • That’s it! After this, you will not get any notification

How to Uninstall CIDManager?

CIDManager can be uninstalled by using ADB Software.

  • First of all, open the Settings app.
  • Now tap on System. Under System, click on About Phone.
  • Now click on Build Number 7 times to activate the Developer option
  • Now tap on Developer Options to open it.
  • Enable USB debugging.
  • After that, download ADB software on your PC.
  • Extract the zip file of it and open the folder
  • Press and hold the shift button and right-click in the blank area
  • From the options, tap on Open Powershell Window here
  • Now, you need to enter the Command-  ADB devices
  • Now, connect your phone to your PC via a USB data cable
  • USB debugging notification will appear on your phone. Tap on it to allow
  • Enter the same command again
  • The Serial number of your device will appear on the Powershell Window
  • Now run the command:  adb shell pm uninstall- user 0 com. android.CID manager
  • Just wait! the app will uninstall on your device
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Q1: How to Uninstall CIDManager?

The CIDManager app can be uninstalled by Android Debug Bridge Software or Titanium Backup Application.

Q2: What does com. Android.CID manager Mean?

Every app has its own Unique Identification Extension that plays an important role while downloading the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

Q3: What Permissions does CIDManager require?

CIDManager does not require specific permissions to run the app smoothly. Unlike other Android apps, it just asks for Phone Access Permission.

Q4: Is it safe to uninstall CIDManager App?

CIDManager has preinstalled system app that is not a part of the Official ROM. Uninstalling the system apps is not recommended as it affects the phone’s functioning. Chances that some apps and services will not work properly. It may even cause some Internal issues.

Q5: How to know whether or not the CIDManager App is installed on your device?

If you are owing a Samsung Smartphone, the maximum chance is that the app is preinstalled on your device. However, you can even check this by following a few steps:

  • First of all, open the Settings App on your device.
  • From the main menu tap on Apps
  • Under Apps, select Show System Apps and look for CIDManager App

Final Words

That’s pretty much everything about CIDManager. It is the most secure and essential app that requires better performance on the device. This app is available on other companies’ phones but with an additional name. I hope you will find this post informative. For any queries, leave your comments below.

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