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What Is Crazy Time Casino?



This casino’s name provides you with a decent idea of what to expect since it is a casino invention full of surprises, multipliers, and bonus possibilities. It deftly blends the Wheel of Fortune and Roulette, as well as live aspects like a live game presenter, with the finest of animation and RNG gameplay.

The Crazy Time Game

Crazy Time is a live game show that has a giant money wheel with a bonus slot on top, and a live presenter who reacts to and chats with the audience and players in real-time.

Additionally, it has four bonus games that keep things lively and engaging throughout the sessions. This Crazy Time Casino Guide for India is possibly the ideal place to learn more about the game and where to play it.

The Crazy Time game provides amusing mayhem for all types of players. This is from random devices like coins, pucks, and flappers being utilized as the host keeps the action going to players shouting and throwing barbs at one another in live chat.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

As bonus rounds, Crazy Time uses four different games. Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, and the Crazy Time mode are all available.

The primary money wheel used during ordinary play is divided into 54 segments, each of which contains either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game if the flapper comes to a halt on it.

Crazy Time Pachinko

The popular Japanese game has finally been merged into a game worthy of your attention. Ascend a few stairs and prepare to see a puck decide your fate as it falls down a wall of pegs, each altering its direction and so modifying the multiplier applied to this round’s stake.

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In typical live casino form, gravity and momentum are the only factors determining the puck’s descent. If it lands in a ‘DOUBLE’ pocket, the host gets to drop the puck again, with any multipliers at the bottom being worth twice as much.

This can imply numerous rounds in a succession with ever-increasing multipliers, up to a potential maximum multiplier of 10,000x applied to your wager.

Crazy Time Cash Hunt

Another entertaining game option in Crazy Time is Cash Hunt, which requires you to aim your virtual crosshairs at one of 108 random symbols, each of which hides a multiplier.

Before players can aim and shoot, the multipliers are randomized and shuffled, and the symbol struck will reveal its associated multiplier, which will be added to your wager.

Crazy Time Coin Flip

Take your belief in Lady Luck to the next level by betting on the outcome of a coin flip.  The Crazy Time game control will randomly assign two multipliers to the sides of a coin, and you will gamble on the outcome of which side lands side up. The host will then flip it, and it will be up to you and fate.

Crazy Time Bonuses

The Crazy Time Bonus round, which is already a player favorite, delivers a whole virtual wheel full of additional random multiplier segments. After you choose the flapper you want to claim, the presenter spins the wheel again, this time with the click of a button.

The multipliers on which flappers rest are rewarded to you. This time, however, the wheel also has “DOUBLE” and “TRIPLE” segments. If only one of the flappers lands on these, the wheel is spun again and all multipliers are doubled or tripled, accordingly.

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The wheel is then spun again to determine the final values applied to the stakes of the participants. This wheel, like other features, can be spun many times in succession, resulting in maximum multipliers of up to 20,000x.

What Are the Rules of the Crazy Time Game?

Crazy Time is a simple game with an RTP of 96.08 percent in which the player has the possibility of getting a bonus every six rounds or so. These are some pretty astounding odds, and it’s easy to see why people all around the world are outraged.

There are no precise rules to remember because the game host leads you throughout the game, and because you’re playing with other people, it’s a simple game to learn.

As a player, all you have to do is place your bets, guess when asked, and cross your fingers. To ensure that the game delivers fair outcomes, the elements that aren’t live are controlled using Random Number Generator technology.

Casino Strategies for a Crazy Time

A strategy cannot automatically win you a game because the outcome is random, but it can raise your odds of winning while minimizing the danger of a large loss. One of the finest Crazy Time methods is to gamble on all four bonus games offered.

Begin with minimal stakes per bet and gradually increase them if you lose, as you should be statistically more likely to win the second time.

It’s a slippery slope, though, and you should set some boundaries for yourself so you know when to take a break or stop playing for the day. Here are some more helpful tactics for playing at a Crazy Time casino.

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Martingale Strategy

You begin by betting on all four bonus rounds with the smallest stakes imaginable. If you lose, you increase your stakes and gamble on all four bonus rounds again and again until you win. When you win, you start over with the lowest bet again.

This technique is based on the notion that a bonus round occurs every six rounds in Crazy Time, and you may use this information to build a gambling budget. As long as you follow the strategy principles, the outcome will assist you to identify when and if you should quit, and will protect you from big losses.

A Strategy for Low Volatility

The goal of the low-volatility approach is to gamble on several items within the same game and to spread your bets as much as possible. This means you won’t bet all of your money on one symbol or one game outcome, but rather on as many as possible.

These techniques make it more likely that you will predict correctly and win, but it is vital to remember that if you do win, your overall rewards will most likely be less than if you had bet heavily on one event.


Crazy Time is packed with bonus games and excitement, but remember to wager on the bonus game to participate in the bonus round. Keep in mind that it’s more fun to play responsibly. Good luck!


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