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What is T Mobile Edge? How to Make it Fully Functional?



What is T Mobile Edge

T Mobile is the biggest Network Provider all across the globe. According to the Statistics, around 96 percent of Americans access T mobile for a seamless experience. Their only aim is to provide the highest possible signal strength to keep the device connected. However, there are lots of T Mobile users that spotted Edge signs on their phones. So they really want to know What is T Mobile Edge? Let us find out.

Edge or 2G network is really not a new Technology. It is brought to us by AT&T in the year 2003. If you are using T Mobile, there are chances that you could face an Edge sign instead of 4G LTE.

If you are here, it means you are facing a T mobile Edge sign in your network. Keep reading our post if you are wondering what exactly it is and how to make it fully functional.

What is T Mobile Edge?

Edge Stands for Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. Basically, it is an advancement of the GSM technology that provides really better speeds. It is called the “Second Generation of Wireless Data Transfer Module” or a 2G network. You probably have noticed an Edge sign on your mobile. It simply means that you are connected to a 2G Network.

Now you must wonder if you have paid for the 4G or 5G package. Then why are you connected to 2G?

If you see the Edge sign on your mobile, your device is compatible to work with a different network. When the 4G Network goes down, instead of getting completely off, it steps down to a 2G or 3G Network.

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When your smartphone cannot connect to the 4G Network, it keeps you connected through the 2G Network. It is really beneficial, especially when you are accessing the device for business meetings. You can keep the communications going on. However, the speed will be slower. 2G is the traditional Cellular network that provides you with a speed of 135 kbps.

However, being connected to the Edge signal is temporary. It will keep you connected to your original network as soon as it receives good strength. But it is really a frustrating situation to work a whole day with an outdated network. Still stuck with T mobile Edge? Then it is an alarming situation that needs attention. It means either the problem is with your mobile or with the network. In that case, you need to look for its causes and work on its solutions.

Possible Reasons for T Mobile Edge Sign

The Edge sign could appear for some time if the signals are weak. However, if you are continuously facing the sign, chances that this could happen due to multiple reasons:

  • First of all, check the edge sign in different locations. Those areas have weak signals if an Edge sign appears in a particular direction or location.
  • Check if your phone is on Battery saving mode. Turning on the battery saver connects to the lower network to save the battery life.
  • Go to your device’s Settings and check whether you have applied any restrictions on it.

How to Make it Fully Functional– Troubleshooting steps to cure T Mobile Edge issue

Not Able to reconnect to your Original Network? Do not Panic! By following the simple troubleshooting steps, you can get back to your Original Network in no time.

Tip 1>> Restart your Device

If your phone is showing the sign of Edge, it is recommended to restart your device. This is a very simple trick that usually solves lots of problems. To restart your device, follow these steps:

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On Android Device

  • Press and hold down the power button on your smartphone.
  • Tap on Restart

On Apple Devices

  • Press and hold down the Volume buttons until the slider appears.
  • Drag the slider over to turn off your device.
  • When the screen goes completely off, press and hold down the side buttons until the Logo appears.
  • Now check the status of the network on the screen to see if the issue resolves or not.

Tip 2>> Turn off the Battery Saver Mode

To stop battery drainage, some smartphones automatically turn the battery-saver mode on. To solve this issue, you need to turn off the battery-saver mode. The steps are:

On Android Device

  • Go to the Settings app of your Device.
  • Tap on the Battery or device option.
  • Under this, you will find the Battery Saver option
  • Toggle to turn off the feature


Just drag the Notification bar and find the Battery Saver option there. Tap on it to turn off this feature. Restart the phone to see if the problem solves or not

On Apple Phone

You will be able to locate this feature on an iOS phone under the name- Low Power mode. The steps are:

  • Open the Settings app of your device
  • Under Settings, go to Battery
  • Locate the Low Power Mode feature and turned it off

Tip 3>> Turn Airplane Mode On and Off

Still, getting Edge sign-over Network status? It’s time to figure out things by turning on and off the Airplane mode.

To turn on the Airplane mode, drag the Notification bar and locate the Airplane symbol. Tap on it to turn it on. Just wait a minute. tap on the symbol again to turn it off.

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However, all smartphones have different features and Settings. Not able to locate Airplane mode in the Notification bar? Fine! try its Alternative method.

  • Go to the Settings app of your device.
  • Tap on Wireless and Networks
  • Here you will find the Airplane Mode. Turn it on and off.

Tip 4>> Readjust the Sim Card

Sometimes the problem is caused by the Sim Card. In that case, you need to readjust the Sim Card. To do this, take the sim card ejector pin to eject the sim from the phone carefully. Reposition it into the tray and insert it. Restart your device to see if the issue resolves or not.

Tip 5>> Reset Network Settings

If you have tried all the tricks, the last thing you can try is Resetting the Network Settings. Remember that this will erase all your Settings, such as the paired devices, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi network passwords, etc.

The steps are:

  • First of all, open the Settings app of your device.
  • Under Settings, tap on Reset.
  • After that, click on Battery and Reset
  • Tap network and then Reset Settings. That’s it!

Final Words

That’s pretty much everything about T-Mobile Edge. The information we shared in this post is to make you understand what exactly T-Mobile Edge is and some useful tips to solve this issue. It is a temporary issue that appears due to weak signals. I hope this post got succeeded in answering all your queries. Still any doubt? Feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!! For more information, stay Connected with us.




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