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What is the best free app to spy on my boyfriend’s messages?



In this modern digital world, you’ll worry about your children’s activities on the web. All parents want to stop their children from watching abusive content on YouTube, track their social movements on Facebook, chatting on Whatsapp and messenger.

You’ll want to remember your employee’s acts, whether or not they are using any illegal sources. A spy-app can track these activities.

Spyware software is meant to trace these activities secretly. Now parents can easily track what their children are browsing online, what content they’re watching on YouTube, what sort of social activities they are working on social sites.

It’s also convenient to be in touch with your partners again. You will keep track of their actions without their knowledge. Of course it is better to tell them about the app, so that you don’t have any misunderstandings later on.

Android spyware comes with powerful features, including:

  • Call Recording
  • GPS Monitoring
  • Blocking of unwanted Apps
  • GEO Fencing
  • Monitoring of URLs
  • Taking note of live surroundings
  • Keylogging

In this article, I’ll review the spy app – Hoverwatch. I’ll tell you about its features, functionality, and pricing.

Platforms on which Spyware can work 

Spyware or spy apps are compatible with different platforms, including:

  • Android OS
  • Apple macOS
  • Microsoft Windows

Spy apps can use different platforms, like android, windows, but they operate a uniform way.

  1. Download the app from official site
  2. Install the app on the target phone
  3. Let the app do their thing

You’ll then monitor their operations from the web site on your computer or mobile device.

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Hoverwatch is an incredibly user-friendly software and maybe installed very quickly.

It can operate within the background smoothly without the user’s knowledge.

You’ll control and track their phone activity remotely, without a physically re-accessing the phone. All the tracking data are stored within the cloud and should be accessed via an online portal.

Why does Spyware work online on Androids? 

All spyware apps need a web connection for smooth performance, whether through mobile data or Wi-Fi network. The app collects user data and sends it to the app’s server via the online.

Hoverwatch-a modern Spy App 

Now, let’s undergo the spy app for Android Hoverwatch to reveal about the Spyware more closely.

Hoverwatch is compatible with Android OS, Windows OS and macOS.

It runs softly within the background, tracking all of the user’s tasks, like sending and receiving messages, making and receiving phone calls, visiting websites, and typing each bit of knowledge.

All data reported are forwarded to an internet account.

I like Hoverwatch because it’s fast and convenient to use. It also comes with a free trial lasting three days, so you’ll try before you buy. I’ve checked it on both an Android phone and a computer windows eight, and it works well.


Hoverwatch offers you complete keylogger functionality for Windows and Android operating systems. Since I even have used the software on both platforms, so I’ll list its observed features.

Android Features:

  • All the information is tracked precisely in stealth mode. The target computer amid for monitoring will be unnoticed.
  • You’ll simultaneously keep track of a table, Android system, laptop, and monitor.
  • All the incoming and outgoing calls data from the target computer are collected, and you will also view the chat record from your computer.
  • Use this app to display the timestamps and, thus, the user history you’re targeting in real-time.
  • You’ll use your Hoverwatch account at any time to trace the situation of your targeted device.
  • The app allows you to know all of the target device’s contacts, including names, emails, numbers, and addresses, among other information.
  • When the target person unlocks the phone, you’ll take a front camera picture to ascertain if the assigned individual uses it.
  • The screenshot feature allows you to determine the target system used each day once you would like the knowledge in calls, social networks, and browsing history.
  • If the target phone’s SIM card is removed, you will get a warning while employing a target device using the Hoverwatch app.
  • Using the Hoverwatch app, you’ll display texts or media which go via Snapchat.
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Windows Features 

  • While using this Hoverwatch software, your target computer is displayed discreetly.
  • It can track all web activity on the target computer.
  • This app often records all the text typed on the physical or virtual keyboard.
  • Its screenshot feature enables you to target any PC user you want.
  • You’ll know everything typed by your children or employees. Webcam shots allow you to understand who uses the target device by taking images from a camera mounted within the unit.
  • Hoverwatch also can track all the Facebook activities on your target computer. So you will be able to see videos, posts, and newsfeeds.

Maybe you have an issue in mind about how you’ll detect Hoverwatch in your Android phones?

The foremost straightforward thing about Hoverwatch is not just because it’s of these features; it’s invisible to everyone.


The tracker will run in complete stealth mode; therefore, the tracker never knows it’s on their phone, doing what it’s.

What are Hoverwatch’s competitors? 

Of course, there are similar products on the market. We have collected they’re most famous of them in a table.

Hoverwatch is a leader in the field of real-time surveillance on the Android platform. On the iPhone, there is no way to observe in real-time. Other applications are higher in price and worse in functionality.

Pricing Plan 

You can avail three days of free trial with none cost. After the trial runs out, you’ll get to upgrade to a paid decide to continue using it.

Hoverwatch has three plan options: the private plan for tracking one device, the Professional plan for tracking up to five devices, and the Business plan for tracking up to 25 devices.

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1. The Private Plan of Hoverwatch provides a whole range of features.

2. The Professional Plan keeps track of up to 5 devices.

3. The Business Plan monitors up to 25 devices.

Quick wrap up 

Hoverwatch could also be a secure and easy to trace app for people and employers.

You’ll keep an eye fixed on your children and staff comfortably (as the case may be) and knowledge a way of security in your professional and private lives.

Its competitive pricing and prompt customer support increase the experience. Thanks to these fantastic features, I’m getting to say it’s the most straightforward spy app and highly recommend it.


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