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What is The Meaning of Dislyte Stats? Dislyte Stats Explained



Dislyte Stats

Dislyte is the most stylish RPG mythological game that has millions of players around the globe. What makes Distyle the most stunning among the most gaming titles is the dynamic soundtrack that keeps you nodding your head, the lore behind the characters, and a unique battle system that gives you a completely different experience. It includes many Dislyte Stats terms that are really important to understand.

Dislyte is set in the year 2027, where mysterious Alien-like Obelisks sprout out from the ground, and the divine waves turn them into Espers. These Espers are granted magical powers which are influenced by the god from four different mythologies. The overall aim of the players is to construct battle ready Esper team and transform the disadvantage into an advantage by using their abilities. For this, you need to have a good understanding of your Espers.

It is very interesting to play with Dislyte Stats, but difficult to understand their stats specifically for those who do not understand the short forms well. In this post, we will explain to you What exactly Dislyte Stat is, along with the meaning of HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP, C.DATE, ACC, and RESIST Stats in Dislyte. So keep reading the post till the end.

Dislyte Stats Meaning


HP in Dislyte Stats stands for Healing Point. It reflects the health of the Esper. It determines how long your character/Esper will stay in the game. Every character must have at least one point of HP to stay alive. However, you can improve these stats via relics from either flat HP or HP% bonus. With every blow, the HP power diminishes at some point. Once the HP reaches zero, your character will die.

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ATK stands for Attack of the Character. It truly defines how much damage your Esper deals when they successfully strike their enemy. The higher the ATK stats of the character, the better they can deal with a heavy blow. All Esper has an ATK multiplier on their skills. The attack is your character base damage which is independent of any damage modifiers.


DEF stands for Defense. This helps in protecting your character from getting hit by every Hit they take. The higher the value of DEF, the better will be the protection. However, if the value of DEF is low, it becomes difficult for your player to deflect the blow. However, there are some Espers who can ignore defense.


SPD defines the speed of your Esper. The higher the value of SPD stats, the sooner they can take their turn in Dislyte stats. Having more speed will allow your Esper to move ahead of your enemy. However, some Espers are built slowly and effectively.


AP stands for Action Point. Each character has their Action Point Bar. This bar should be at 100 percent for its turn to begin. AP is directly proportional to SPD, as the characters will be the ones who take their turns first. With the higher speed, they sooner get to 100 on their AP bar. As sooner your Esper gets the turn, the faster they get to destroy their opponents.


C.RATE is defined as the Crit rate of every character. This stat will quickly determine how likely your character will deal with a critical hit to the opponent. It is best on the DPS rate that relies on the Critic rate to do damage. It indicates how often an attack will generate critical damage. The higher your crit rate, the more often your character will score a “Critical Rate” which deals more damage than regular attacks.

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C.DMG determines how much damage a Character gets to deal with a Critical hit. The Critical hit varies according to the Character as every character cannot deal with the same damage. This is the end-game stat to boost up as it scales better than the attack and can open your DPS unit overall damage by quite a bit when reaching an upper limit of 300 percent.

ACC and RESIST Mechanics

ACC is the accuracy with which your Esper will land their debuff on the enemy. The higher the value of ACC Stats is, the more likely your character will succeed in deploying control in Dislyte.

Whereas the RESIST rating means that when an opposing character attempts to apply a debuff on your character. RESIST determines whether it works or not. It does not matter how much Accuracy your Esper has; there is at least a 20 percent chance for any debuff to get resisted. Remember that having more ACC than your target’s RESIST is always required. 80 percent ACC is optimal since there is always a 20 percent chance to resist a debuff.

ACC is the must-have stat for support characters since it is essential to counteract “RESIST” once the debuff is applied. Players can use several techniques to increase the accuracy of their characters.

Many buffs are affected by ACC and RESIST. These include a Defense break, SPD down, or trying to steal an Enemy buff. The Triki Captain’s ability in battle increases Accuracy by 40 percent.

Final Words

So that is all about Dislyte Stats. Dislyte is undoubtedly the most stunning game, but it is important to understand a few terms before playing it. I hope you found this post informative and helpful. Keep sharing it with your family and friends as well.

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