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What Is the Role of Colocation Data Centres In Supporting Small-Medium Businesses?



colocation data centres

India is currently undergoing a digital boom and its internet user base topped 627 million in 2020[1]. Moreover, 97% of Indians use their mobile phones to access the internet today. Network coverage in remote areas and cheap data plans are contributing to the boom[1].

In this article, we discuss how colocation data centres can provide the needed background support for digital expansion and the benefits they offer to small and medium businesses.

Advantages Offered by Colocation Providers to SMBs

The global colocation data centre market is predicted to grow at a compounded rate of 14.6%, moving up from $31.1 billion in 2017 to $62.3 billion in 2022[2].

Businesses need data centres to store and process the large volumes of data they generate every day. But owning an in-house data facility is capex heavy and entails many hassles in terms of maintenance. The solution is to hire a 3rd party colocation provider that enables businesses to focus on core capabilities and excel.

Colocation data centres offer SMBs the capability to rent bandwidth, equipment, and space at a relatively cheaper cost. The provider will present facilities like space, power, cooling, and security for storage along with the option to choose the network provider of their preference, You can compare colocation services to outsourcing employees for certain work and contribute to business requirements.

More than cost savings, it is a reliable method and SMBs can focus on their main business areas. The colocation providers offer teams of experienced professionals who will ensure that your infrastructure doesn’t face any downtime.

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With colocation, organizations can bid goodbye to the hassle of managing their own server rooms. Commonly, enterprises are renting colocation space for racks and servers, either as a disaster recovery or core facility.

The flexibility offered by colocation data centres allows SMBs to scale up or down according to current needs. Firms can rent less or more space in the facility based on their existing requirements. Hiring a colocation provider avoids the need to build big in-house data centres, which not only saves costs but also provides organizations with instant capacity when they need it.

The colocation market is booming as it is driven by factors such as IoT, digitalization, cloud services, etc. SMBs benefit as they can decrease capital expenditure, get the flexibility to respond to demand, and improve their resilience and efficiency as they can avail themselves facilities in a shared professional space.

Enhanced Global Footprint

Colocation can enable businesses to reduce their overall carbon output and boost their global footprint.

It makes sense to outsource to colocation experts as running your own data centre campus entails costs such as long-term operational expenditure, buying real estate, and paying for power. In addition, leading colocation providers keep their technologies, policies, and procedures up to date and promise to deliver top-standard management of data centres at all times.

Fast Public Cloud Access

Colocation plays a crucial role in IT operations and processes by handling increasingly complex data, and by giving businesses rapid access to the public cloud. As the importance and size of data increases, colocation is bound to become more vital. It enables customers to connect to the public cloud within shorter time-frames, meaning IT teams can collaborate with their partners more quickly, easily, and cost-efficiently.

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Companies can avail of cross-connect advantages in a colocation data centre that allows them to swiftly link to the public cloud without costly network tethers and with negligible lag time. SMBs need to do their research and select a colocation provider that can cater to their current and future requirements.

STT GDC India’s Colocation Services

STT GDC India operates 18 best-in-class data facilities across nine Indian cities. Each centre is run as per the company’s Centre of Excellence benchmark for security, energy efficiency, and operational excellence. This solid technology base and STT GDC India’s customer-centric attitude enables the firm to meet the requirements of colocation needs of its clients at flexible business terms.

Carrier Neutral Connectivity Features Offered by STT GDC India

  • Multiple redundancy levels across networks, cooling, power, and physical security
  • Global practices for compliance and security
  • Commitment to 100% uptime to assure business continuity
  • Flexible colocation implementation to meet business requirements
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