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What New Board Games Can You Try in 2024?



The current surge in popularity of board games means new titles are being released regularly. If you’re looking for one to play in 2024, there are some interesting options to consider. The following are some recent or upcoming releases that tackle a variety of themes. 

Age of Rome -1 minute Overview - Peaky Boardgamer

Age of Rome 

Released in 2023 following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Age of Rome is for up to four players. Each player needs to build a network of alliances and spies to try and gain the upper hand. It’s played on a spinning board and the setting is 44BC, following the death of Julius Caesar. In real life, the Emperor’s assassination on the Ides of March by Brutus and Cassius led to a series of damaging civil wars. 

The Roman Empire remains a popular era for different types of games, as we can see when looking at slingo bingo online. Slingo Centurion is one of the themed games based on this hybrid of slots and bingo. Players need to complete winning lines of numbers, known as slingos, to march their army up the prize table.


Set to be published by Mindclash Games in 2024, the Ironwood game is about two factions who battle each other over the control of a fantasy land. The Ironclad and Woodwalker factions are highly asymmetric in areas such as style of play and victory conditions. Described as rules-light, this is a card-driven tactical game. 

Other asymmetrical board games worth trying include Spirit Island, Smallworld, and War of the Ring. This type of gameplay offers a highly varied experience because of the fact the two sides aren’t evenly matched and can often only explore different parts of the map from each other. In this case, both factions need the Larimor Crystals but for different reasons. The Woodwalkers want the raw power of the crystals while the Ironclad extract the essence from the same crystals for energy.

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Bretwalda - trailer


The name of this game comes from an old Anglo-Saxon word for ruler or King, which lets us see right away where and when it’s set. Published by Phalanx, Bretwalda is for up to four players and is set in Dark Ages Britain when the Vikings were constantly threatening the coastal settlements. There are four asymmetric kingdoms for players to control – known as Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, and East Anglia – each vying for the overall rule of the land on this beautifully designed board.  

A game runs for four seasons with each player collecting taxes and forming alliances with others along the way, with a strong emphasis on diplomacy between kingdoms. It’s set in a similar era to The Last Kingdom TV show on Netflix, which inspired a board game of the same last year and focused on the battle between the Saxons and the Danish invaders.  

This simple of the latest board games reveals how the genre is growing to include many varied themes. The rise of asymmetric board games with complex gameplay has helped to add depth, but there’s still room in the market for simpler games with good ideas.

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