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What Pay-to-Win Games are There?



Free-to-play games with a pay-to-win feature typically allow players to use real money to gain an unfair advantage over other players. As a result, there is a clear distinction between players paying to play the game and those not.

No matter how good a player becomes, they cannot compete with players who have significant competitive advantages. These games require players to spend a sizable sum of money because the more you spend, the better off you are compared to other paying and free players.

They gain the full game experience, making many great tools, upgraded features, and other key gameplay elements available. They boost the in-game statistics that make them less likely to lose to players who are free to play.

These pay-to-win games function similarly to slot apps that pay real money from the player’s on-app bankroll. On these apps, slots can be played for real money from a tablet, phone, or other internet-connected devices. We will delve deeply into the details of this article’s various pay-to-win game examples.


Wizards created MapleStory, a 2D MMORPG with a freemium model that is accessible on both iOS and Android. Despite the lack of a clear goal, the plot keeps you interested.

Multiple characters can be created and customized, and there is an in-game store where users can purchase unique gameplay add-ons and accessories like skins and pets. MapleStory has been able to climb the list of players’ favorite pay-to-win games because the pay-to-win model is not always so aggressive.

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Jurassic World

The player constructs and manages the Jurassic World park that appears in the Jurassic World movie in this simulation game of construction and management. The player must build Jurassic World during the game by adding dinosaurs and other extinct creatures that can be acquired through special card packages or by purchasing them.

The player must first unlock a dinosaur by succeeding in an Arena challenge, an Earth Shattering unlock event, or a Shake the Earth Tournament before purchasing it. The main characters also assign numerous missions that can reward the player with resources like dinobucks, food, coins, DNA, S(super)-DNA, and perks.

Farmville Series

The Farmville series, published by Zynga, was one of the addictive online games in 2009 and was recognized at the Game Developers Conference as “The Best New Social/Online Game.” The foundation of Farmville is farming simulation.

For several reasons, Farmville is a pay-to-win game. Your options are severely constrained if you don’t pay for the land. Upgrades take too long if you don’t “boost them” with real money. It has a ton of content that is protected by paywalls.

Clash of Clans

The enormously popular Clash of Clans utilizes a unique pay-to-win model. The game allows players to join one of the many clans and try to create their village, complete with barbarians and other strategy game goodness.

However, one must pay the money in-game as “gems” to build buildings or train more troops quickly. Players are forced to invest money in the game or spend hours trying to outlast other players and rise to the rankings.

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Slots for weapons and warframes are locked behind the premium currency, which heavily incentivizes Warframe. Everything else can be acquired through normal gameplay. You can spend money to shorten the grind, speed up the game, or improve the aesthetics of your weapons.

The only way to acquire anything gameplay-related is to play the game. Platinum is a currency that players can trade with.

In Warframe, Platinum can be used to purchase and sell items. Right now, trading is the only way to obtain premium currency for nothing. Therefore, even players of free-to-play games can get Platinum by selling valuable stuff like rare mods.

Warframe is a game that requires a lot of grinding. Players purchasing shortcuts so they won’t have to spend hours grinding the play is the foundation of the entire pay-to-win strategy.

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal was initially intended to be a mobile MMORPG, but it was eventually decided that it would also be released on PC. Even though it received a lot of criticism when it was first released, the game ended up being good.

In Diablo Immortal, you can purchase anything you want, including items, cosmetics, in-game money, and XP boosters. You can play the game for free, but it will be difficult, and eventually, the paying gamers will outrank you, leaving you trapped in an endless grind to catch up to them.


Video game designs frequently allow players to purchase in-game progress known as “pay-to-win” games. Payments are based on a player’s competitiveness or game progress and can occur at any frequency or value.

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Thanks to technology development, many addictive pay-to-win games are indeed being released. We’ve all been there and have all become addicted at some point. Hopefully, the list above will help you find a fantastic game to play.




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