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What to Analyze When Looking for Content Creators



Influencer marketing occurs when companies collaborate with content creators to promote their brand via social media. The creators they work with can help improve your brand’s exposure or gain new followers or even boost sales.

Sometimes, however, brands are stuck in choosing creators and deciding on the right fits for their campaign. In this article we’ll discuss the things to look for in content creators when making that choice.

Before you begin

Before you begin searching for creators, you need to create your marketing campaign. It is important to review the following elements:

  • The purpose of the campaign
  • Your target audience
  • Your budget
  • The timeline, as well as any deadlines
  • How will you track your performance

Doing your research now will provide you with an idea of what content creators seem like a good match and which ones aren’t. Therefore, take the time to take your time and plan it well.

What should you look for when looking at creators profiles

In analyzing the creators you want to select your collaborators, it is important to take a look at a variety of factors and other aspects. Let’s take a look at some.


What is the category of creators? This is what they share on their social media – food, fashion and health, for instance. You should find the creator who is in a specific category that is related to your brand.

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If your business fits in a more specific industry niche, locate people who are in the same field. If your company is an eco-friendly slow fashion company, search for creators who are interested in the subject.

Follower count and its growth over time

How many followers an individual has isn’t definitive evidence of their profile’s performance. The number of followers impacts a creator’s reach, as well as the cost they’ll charge for their services. But it’s also crucial to examine the way they’ve grown their following over time.

Utilize influencer software for marketing or request their media kits to study the growth of their followers. The organic growth rate is constant even though it is slow. If you observe abrupt dips and spikes, be on the lookout. This creator could have bought fake followers.

Engagement rate

This indicates how much the audience enjoys content from creators. Engagement rate measures interactions with social media posts. The theory is that the more people enjoy the content, the more often they’ll interact with it. And if they are engaged with the creator’s work they tend to be more interested in the brands that their creator endorses.

If you are analyzing engagement rate, remember that it will vary based on a number of variables:

  • Social network
  • The number of followers
  • Content type
  • Category

So, it is important to examine the work of a particular creator against their same segment. Do not make comparisons between TikTok creators and Twitch streamers, or fashion creators with food creators, and so on.

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Audience demographics and their authenticity

Always check the audience of a creator, too. You should ensure that their audience is in line with your target audience.

Analyze demographics such as gender, age, geographic location, language and interest. Also, verify whether the followers are real. Are there a large number of followers that could be bots?

Voice, Values and POV

Examine the content created by the creator. Does it represent your brand?

It can be confusing for the public if creators and brands with no commonality collaborate. The audience can see this and it becomes clear that the only link between the two of you is that you’re paying the creator to advertise you.

Create a collaboration that is as authentic as you can by identifying creators who are aligned with your brand. Take into consideration:

  • Your brand’s mission and its message
  • Your values
  • Aesthetic style
  • Tone and brand voice

Find creators who share this mission and uphold similar values. This will resonate with the audience and make the collaboration seem more organic.


Analyzing and analyzing creators does not require a lot of effort. To ensure success, you must carefully define your objectives and your campaign prior to starting. Also, know what to be looking for in creators so that you can make well-informed and confident choices when selecting your collaborators.

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