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What tools are used for A/B testing?



Using effective A/B testing software plays a crucial role whenever a strategic entrepreneur wants to select the best design for their content’s landing page. Below are some of the best A/B testing tools to help you compare the different versions of your page to determine which drives more conversion.

The best tools for A/B testing

1. VWO

This cloud-based, all-in-one A/B testing and experimentation platform help you run various tests on Brand-awareness, products, campaigns, websites, apps, and features before selecting the best option. Using its powerful Visual Editor, you can map the performance of your tests through its extensive dashboard and efficiently conduct quantitative and qualitative research work. What’s more, VWO has a SmartStats feature that uses Bayesian statistics to run faster tests, gives you more control over your experiments, and helps you arrive at accurate conclusions sooner.

2. Optimizely

Optimizely’s primary focus is offering web personalization and experimentation services while allowing users to run improved experiments on messaging platforms and mobile apps and guaranteeing accurate results. It is often recommended for large enterprises with dedicated experimentation teams because of Optimizely’s web experimentation product rate.

3. Adobe Target

Adobe Target offers simple Google Analytics connection, rule-based personalization, and A/B testing service. It also creates reports that may be used for marketing offer modification, UX testing, and personalization. Like most A/B testing tools, the platform essentially guides you through a three-step experimentation setup process where you can quickly generate variations and adjust goals and settings for the test. As it provides seamless interaction between products, Adobe Target is an A/B testing tool better suited for users of the whole Adobe marketing suite.

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4. AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a reasonably priced, simple-to-use tool or code that serves as a good starting point for advertising companies just starting in conversion optimization. It offers split testing, multivariate testing, A/B testing, and funnel testing capabilities, all under one roof. With its powerful visual editor, an entrepreneur can quickly put together different tests and variants and receive real-time reports with absolute confidence. Moreover, the user can trigger tests based on geolocation, URL, and demographics because of its advanced targeted scenario capabilities while enriching their platform’s data by integrating existing data from CRMs and DMPs.

5. Google Optimize

Google Optimize is especially recommended for experienced optimizers starting their experimentation journey to increase their traffic. This free tool allows you to create and test different website versions and analyze which performs better. As a Google product, users can split URL tests and run simple A/B tests and multivariate tests, coupled with a robust research range to create and test different website versions. While the free version offers incredible services, a paid membership account– Optimize 360, can run much more complex tests. With it, you can:

• Run a multivariate test on up to 36 combinations.

• Run more than a hundred experiments concurrently.

• Create more than 100 customizations at once

Bottom Line

To determine which mix of features draws visitors and turns them into customers, A/B testing is crucial for any website. While most of the best A/B testing tools are subscription-based, it is advisable always to get the premium versions to enjoy the best services they offer. As a rule of thumb, you should always do a proper background check before getting an A/B tool because most serve different users. So always make an informed decision and get a tool that offers all essential features at a fair price. Visit and discover the various A/B tools that suits your workload and specificities before purchasing any of them.

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