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WhatsApp Starts Testing Chat Sync Feature Across Two Smartphones: What It Means



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  • Companion Mode is different from the existing multi-device support feature currently available with the app.
  • The feature has been spotted with WhatsApp beta for Android update.
  • The companion device will automatically get all the chats synced and migrated over to the handset in use.

WhatsApp is soon changing its one smartphone for one account policy for users. The meta-backed platform is constantly adding new features to its platform, and one of these is multi-device linking. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for tablets and desktops. Even though this is a great addition, it still limits the ability to have a WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones.

However, in the near future, the company is expects to allow users to send and receive messages from their multiple smartphones through its chat sync feature. This feature will allow users to use the same WhatsApp number or account on different devices that are not just tabs or desktops but smartphones as well.

WhatsApp Companion Mode will let users sync chat history between multiple devices

This companion mode for smartphones is being developing right now, and reports suggest that it is going to be integrate into the Android app via an update down the line. Reports add that WhatsApp is working on adding the same system message that is available on WhatsApp Web. In case you don’t know what this system message is – it is the message you see when you open the app on the desktop that informs you that messages are synchronising between devices. This is understandable since the process does take a bit of time.

According to reports, users are going to receive a full-screen prompt warning while resgistering the companion device for the main account. When users pair a secondary phone to another register account, reports state that they were reportedly log out from the original WhatsApp account configure on the companion handset. The report also added this companion mode will be able to erase all locally-stored messaged and data. For now, this mode is under development for Android devices.

The feature is different from the existing multi-device support feature currently available with the app. While the multi-device support feature extends the WhatsApp account from one smartphone (primary device) to multiple devices, the Companion Mode, when rolled out, will let users switch between different smartphones and have the chats synced and backed up automatically. Users will be able to use WhatsApp as usual even when the main device has no internet connection.

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