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WhatsApp will soon allow users to report unwanted contacts, groups



Tired of unwanted groups and chats? Of course, unnecessary things always irritate us but now no need to bear such groups and chats as per the latest update of Whatsapp, you can report unwanted chats and groups.

Whatsapp is working on various features that will roll out in the coming days so that users enjoy the chatting app fullest. One of them is the ability to report unwanted contacts and chat. Like Facebook, you will be able to remove a particular chat or group in case you find it suspicious or useless. Nevertheless, Whatsapp will take action after the complete verification.

As Wabetainfo stated, the “report to WhatsApp” feature was made available for the beta testers. If you are beta tester and want to test this feature out, you will have to update your app to the version on Google Play Store. This feature is similar to the report option you get on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others. However, WhatsApp will verify the report using various means and then take action against the reported contact.

Before blacklisted a particular contact Whatsapp will check how many reports are there against the contact. And in case if the number is new and several reports are filed against that contact then Whatsapp will definitely backlist that number. However, as per the latest beta updates, Whatsapp will ask for a copy of recent messages to check whether the report is reliable or not.

Whatsapp provides end-to-end encryption to its users so the chatting giant never reads their messages and if you want to report a certain contact or group then you need to send a copy of recent chat as proof. Whatsapp is bringing this feature for businesses and groups. Whenever you submit the report against a group then you have to forward the recent messages to Whatsapp for proper verification. Also, users will get the choice to delete or exit the group they want to report.

Likewise, users can also report business accounts if they don’t want to receive messages from such accounts. Blocking the messages and deleting the chat’s messages, will also be available.

Right now this feature has been introduced for Android beta testers and soon the feature will be available for iOS beta testers. The feature is still under testing and when Whatsapp will feel it is good to release, users will enjoy the ability to report a particular group or contact.

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