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When will VR Integration Become a Selling Point for Online Casinos?



If there’s one industry that could help virtual reality take off and become a mainstream piece of technology, it’s the online casino sector. This booming market has already popularized platforms like live streaming, and it is expected to do the same for VR. The question is, though, when will this happen? And will VR integration become a feature that operators use to lure players away from their rivals?

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Welcome Offers Still the Best Way to Attract Players

When it comes to enticing players to an online casino, there’s no denying that welcome offers still reign supreme. These bonuses have existed since the early days of digital gambling, and they’re showing no signs of going anywhere in the future. Players know that when they log onto a site, there are casino offers for new clients. These include deposit matches and free spins, and they give players a chance to get a feel for the site before they spend their own money.

There are other ways that online casinos attract players, with variety of payment options being another major draw. After bonuses, however, it’s the range and quality of games available that players tend to look for. Sites need to have a wide and diverse selection of slots, table games, and live casino offerings so that they cater for every demographic possible. Therefore, it is highly likely that VR games will be integrated into sites soon, to attract users who have bought into the technology already.

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Some Developers Have Toyed with VR Already

When VR was touted as the next big technological revolution in 2016, developers in the online casino industry began to prepare for a boom. Some of the biggest names such as Microgaming and NetEnt started to come up with options that could make use of VR, including table games and slots. At that time, however, the spike in VR usage never came, and it swiftly became clear that the technology was nowhere near ready to go mainstream.

The ideas and inventions are still viable for when VR does take off, though, and there is the feeling that online casino users may soon be able to use VR to enter sprawling virtual casinos. They could have the chance to walk around and try out different virtual games, all from the comfort of their homes.

VR Could Become Mainstream by 2025

Analysts have had to alter their predictions for VR, but now many expect it to be mainstream by 2025. By then, it is projected to be worth around $766 billion, and could be an essential household item. If it is, then you can safely bet on online casinos having a multitude of options that incorporate the technology. This is because the industry has always followed technological trends in the past and has benefited greatly from doing so.

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As soon as VR starts to go mainstream, it seems safe to say that online casinos will jump on board. The ones that do so first will be able to use it as a selling point, and in the early days it could help the sites that are ahead of the curve get a lead on their competition.

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