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Which is better UI or UX? Check out the main Similarities and differences



How often have you found the terms UX and UI without fully understanding the differences? The number of UX and UI designers is increasing and website design is now based on the UX method.

UX design goes far beyond the digital environment and is about designing an interface that fully meets the needs of each user.

The term UX comes from the English “User Experience” for user experience and is based on the user’s emotional feeling in front of the interface. The areas of UX design study are closely related to:

  • psychology;
  • language;
  • and sociology.

In 1990, American cognitive psychologist Daniel Norman began talking about user experience. This concept refers to everything that the user can perceive from the product. For the Internet, it makes it easier for users to navigate a website when looking for information. UX is based on the expectations and needs of the Internet user identified through user tests to create website functionality.

Detailed analysis of both models of interface options

UX design will be based on analyzing how users feel when using the interface. The goal is to provide the best user experience possible. This mission is in the hands of the UX designer. Hire UI Developer at Fireart can be used to implement the optimal interface for your application.

A UX designer, during development, answers a number of questions:

  • Who are the users?
  • What’s the best user journey?
  • How to make the experience simple and enjoyable?
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The UX designer will create the first functional models (wireframes) and the first structures, the user interface designer must bring the plans to life.

But what is a good user experience?

It is a website tailored for all digital media (smartphones, tablets, large screens, etc.). It is an accessible website thanks to its ergonomics and intuitive features. It is a reliable website with encouraging use.

Let’s take an example with an e-commerce site:

To optimize the UX of an e-commerce site, the UX designer will analyze and improve the interface according to several criteria:

  • Does an e-commerce site inspire confidence?
  • How intuitive is the site navigation?
  • How easy is it to find the products I’m looking for?
  • Is it easy to add items to the cart?

What is UI Design?

User interface design is a term that only refers to digital technologies, the role of the user interface designer is to develop a pleasant and useful interface for users. He thinks about placement:

  • graphic elements (colors, icons, buttons, typography …Game website examples)
  • and text elements on the web pages of the site.

Thus, the UI design is more focused on the look and feel of the website. Its purpose is to make it easier for Internet users to navigate a website by integrating intuitive and practical elements. It’s about getting them to stay on the page they visit and fostering their engagement.

UX design and UI design: two complementary concepts

Like a human being made up of two inseparable parts, one visible by your physical appearance and the other invisible by your skeleton, UX and UI are additional disciplines that must be fully taken into account when designing a website. UX design and UI design go hand in hand and complement each other to bring a web project to life.

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Whereas a UX designer bases his analysis on the emotional sensations of a user experience, a UI designer is more interested in the graphic elements of a website. But the two approaches to digital design share the same goal: to develop a completely user-centered interface.

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