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Who is Willie Spence: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the American Idol Contestent



Who is Willie Spence

Have you ever dreamed of being famous overnight? Do you believe in destiny? Has anyone of your near and dear ones experienced overnight fame? Well, few people might be thinking it’s just a movie script! But no my friend. This is actually a reality of Willie Spence’s life. What? Did you just say, Who is Willie Spence? Read the article furthermore to know Who is Willie Spence.

Who is Willie Spence

Who is Willie Spence

This guy, who we are talking about, turned into an overnight singing sensation and is also been named “Internet Singing Sensation”.

Willie has also appeared on American Idol as a contestant. There are some very interesting facts about Willie that most of you might not be familiar with.

Willie Spence is 21 years and was discovered 3 years ago. This means he was just 18 when he entered the doorway to stardom. Isn’t that great?

He was just singing a song sitting out in a cafe’ with friends. One of his friends shot that video and posted it online. Within a span of few months, he hit millions of views on the video and people actually started to love his voice which is all-natural and has finesse.

It was almost unbelievable for him that he actually started to have fans all around. That motivated him to move forward and he started to make such videos on a regular basis.

He then appeared on The American Idol Season 19 where he stunned the judges with his performance.

There are some amazing facts about him, that will answer the question Who is Willie Spence, more precisely.

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7 Unknown Facts about Willie Spence

There are certain facts that are still unknown to the world about Willie Spence. We have listed them below and would love to share them with our readers.

1. Family Background

As a few of you know that Willie was born in Florida and raised in Douglas, Georgia. He is very close to his family. He actually says that his family is his main support system. This gives birth to another interesting fact about him. Read ahead.

2. Love for Singing

Willie started singing at an age of 3. As we told you earlier that he is very close to his family, he would accompany his grandfather to the church and sing there.

That’s when that spark of singing ignited in him. He performed “Amazing Grace” at the age of 6 in the same church in Florida.

3. Tragic Birth History

As per the reports, Willie’s mother was 38 when she conceived him. She didn’t want a baby then. Still, he was given birth. The tragedy happened when his father had cut the umbilical cord at the hospital. He stopped breathing soon after. A miracle happened and the doctors saved his life.

4. Fundraiser for Music Release

Last year in March, Willie officially started off a fundraiser where he openly asked people to donate money so that he could live the dream of releasing his own music album.

The fundraiser could manage to gather about $941 out of $5,000.

Click here to see the fundraiser page.

According to the page, the donations are currently not acceptable though!

5. Released his own song

Soon after he received love from people all around the world, he decided to release his own song and so he did.

He also released a song in early 2020 called “Champion,”. He went on to release his debut song called “So Gone,” which is about a guy who is head over heels in love with his lady. The music video, released in mid-January, features Famous Ocean and Luh Kel as the young couple.

6. Medical Conditions

Spence one felt pain in his chest and went on to consult the doctors for the same. This was after the “Diamond” video broke the internet.

He was discovered with fluid in his lungs and the doctors claimed that his survival was difficult.

But that didn’t stop him either. Instead, this became his biggest motivation.

Want to know how? Read ahead!

7. Weight Loss Journey

Willie weighed about 600 pounds when he was diagnosed with fluid in his lungs. He had to lose a lot of weight to be able to work forward in the way of reaching close to his dreams.

Before appearing for the auditions of The American Idol, Willie had lost around 200 pounds of weight.

He mentioned in an interview,”My eating was a big part of it. I have a trainer now. I’m doing better. I have no fluid. I’m just being healthy and focusing. If I don’t have good health, I won’t be able to sing.”

That’s really an inspiration to those who have been trying to shed those extra pounds and have somehow called it off after being demotivated.


So we hope now that we have told you so many things about him, you will be able to answer Who is Willie Spence!

He has become a star sensation from a normal college-going boy. He makes people believe in following their dreams. He has had a life full of adventures. A roller coaster ride that we should actually put across. But he never has stopped and continues to follow his passion.

Inspired from the story? Honestly, I am completely blown away by his zeal for his dreams.

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