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Why Aniwatch Blocked Me? Check Possible Reasons and How to Unblock



aniwatch blocked me

Imagine you were settling for your daily anime dose and met with an unwelcome surprise – “Animatch is Blocked and Unable to Access”. Sounds dreadful? Isn’t it? Are you one of the victims encountering this problem and have no idea why you are facing the Aniwatch blocked me error?

Welcome to the club, as most users have reported the same issue lately. But thankfully, there’s no need to panic, as we’ve got your back. Our experts delve into the possible reasons behind this annoyingly frustrating error. From technical glitches to a permanent ban, we have left no stone unturned to fix the issue.

So, what’s holding you back? Continue scrolling the page and discover the major reasons stopping you from accessing your favorite anime site. In addition, we have covered all possible solutions to kick off the Aniwatch blocked me error right away.

Why Aniwatch Blocked Me?

To your surprise, Aniwatch has been shut down for quite a while, and there may not be anything more frustrating than losing your favorite anime streaming site like this.

Like you, all anime fans are currently facing the “aniwatch blocked me” error. But the fact is that the site hasn’t blocked you specifically. It indeed gets blocked in some international locations, thus raising trouble for anime lovers.

This website struggled for a few months to keep up its status intact but eventually went down owing to copyright infringement and money problems.

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The problem arose when it started closing the registrations back in 2021, but that idea turned out to be a huge failure. Users can check the closure notice on the official website of Aniwatch, in which they have outlined everything about their decision and the possibility of coming back.

The ad-free and user-friendly anime streaming site is no less than a dream come true for all of us, but sadly, we have lost this godsend altogether. But the show goes on, and it’s time to move on with other aniwatch alternatives to get your daily anime dose without interruption.

Is Aniwatch Coming Back?

Here comes with the most-asked question of all time – Is aniwatch coming back? If Aniwatch’s official closing announcement is to be believed, then one thing is sure the closure is not permanent. It’s just their staff needs some time to figure out the limit issues and money problems, so they can return with a bang.

Also, their team members are currently working on an export feature and will definitely come up with a solution. So, as far as our views are concerned, this anime site will surely come back, but not anytime soon.

More information will be revealed in some time, and all they need is time to figure out a new strategy and plan to continue their services.

Also, at the end of the day, this website is nothing but a piracy of anime content. Hence, they might also consider legal and paid subscriptions in the future. But until then, stop worrying about the “aniwatch blocked me” error; sit back and wait for the official decision.

Aniwatch Blocked Me!! Can I Use Other Alternatives?

So, now that you are facing the “aniwatch blocked me” whenever you try to access your account, it’s time to face reality and move on to other alternatives. Thankfully, the internet is packed with tons of anime streaming sites that can help you stream your favorite anime series.

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Here’s a quick rundown of the aniwatch alternatives worth giving a try.

1. AnimeDaisuki

Let’s begin with the obvious. AnimeDaisuki is the leading Japanese anime platform offering content in HD quality. It features a simple user interface and tons of anime content to keep you occupied. This website allows you to find all your favorite anime and download them in excellent quality.

2. AnimeTribes

Touted as the greatest online anime repository, AnimeTribes is the only place you need to watch and stream anime online. It offers excellent quality content without spending bucks. The platform allows users to watch their favorite anime series without advertisements and interruptions. The website boasts a vast library of anime content, including popular titles and less-known series.

3. YugenAnime

The next best method to recover from the frustrating “aniwatch blocked me” error is YugenAnime. With this, you can easily track, discover, and share the complete definition of anime series for free. Moreover, it also comprises reviews and trailers of old-school titles to enthrall users of all tastes and preferences.

4. DubbedAnime

Still looking for more? Turn to the DubbedAnime platform and watch high-quality anime episodes in multiple resolutions. From unique animation to engaging stories to timeless titles, this platform has got you covered to meet your anime requirements. What’s best, the website is free to use; hence, you don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash to watch your favorite series.


aniwatch blocked me

It’s time to wrap up the list with yet another free anime streaming site, It is a new anime streaming site that helps you stream and download the subbed and dubbed anime shows. The best thing – you don’t have to pay or subscribe to the services. This website has tried to offer an ad-free and seamless user experience.

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If you are looking for more anime streaming sites to expand your options, find a few safe and 100% working torrents here and enjoy anime like never before.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is Aniwatch legal and safe?

Ans. No. Like all other free anime streaming sites, aniwatch isn’t legal. It is just piracy of the anime content. However, the site can be considered safe, as it doesn’t contain advertisements and pop-ups.

Q. Has aniwatch officially taken down?

Ans. Unfortunately Yes. Since this website has been facing money and limit issues for quite a while, it has officially been taken down. While the decision is not definite, the likelihood of their return is still doubtful.

The Final Takeaway

That’s it for now!! We hope our guide has resolved why “aniwatch blocked me” query for good. This all-time favorite anime streaming site has finally been removed, leaving users disappointed and frustrated. But thankfully, the internet is stuffed with numerous alternatives that will help you move on.

Thanks for Reading!!


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