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Why You Should Use Mobile Betting Apps Instead of Browser-Based Platforms



Top 3 Reasons to Use Mobile Betting Apps Instead of Browser-Based Platforms

Sports betting is a pretty old and beloved activity in many countries. Through the ages, the method of betting may have undergone radical changes. However, the principle and entertainment value behind the activity remain the same.

Betting has become all the more convenient thanks to the boon of the internet. From visiting your local bookies to setting and spreading elaborate bets across local and international sports bookies, sports betting is altered forever. It has become a more professional arena with plenty of betting opportunities and types.

Now, reliable and popular bookies are coming up with sophisticated app versions of their websites. You may have even come across, if not used, one of the most popular bookies, the Betway sportsbook. These bookies are producing apps for their sites to offer a more varied range of services and to elevate convenience.

If you are looking for the best mobile betting apps, you are in the right place. Go on, read below to know more!

Benefits of Using a Betting App Instead of a Browser-Based Platform

Both apps and websites have their pros and cons. However, there are many reasons why punters choose to place their bets online on top mobile betting apps. Patrons of the famous Betway sportsbook also report betting through the app because it is highly convenient and provides many benefits.

Here are the top four advantages of using a betting app instead of a browser-based platform:

  1. Saves time – One of the most significant factors of using an app over a browser to access your sports bookie odds is that it saves time. You can open the app and start betting when you feel like it. However, if you choose to go with browsers, you will need to look up the URL on your desktop or laptop for a mediocre gaming experience.
  2. Stay up-to-date at all times – When it comes to websites, the operators often lag in updating crucial information on the bets you place. However, that is not the case on the apps. A sportsbook app is the first to register changes, updates, and news. All you need to do is visit the app with a click and update yourself.
  3. Make secure payments – If you look at our detailed Betway sportsbook review, you will know that payment methods are the most reliable on the app. Choose the app all the way! The security of financial records is practically guaranteed on the app, whereas you may face issues on the website.
  4. Customize for your comfort – Many sports betting apps provide customizable options that users can incorporate into their profiles. You can personalize your account how you see fit and proceed with a comfortable betting experience.
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Top 3 Reasons to Use Mobile Betting Apps

Are you looking for more reasons to switch from a browser-based platform to an app? Well, we at BetZillion have your back! Below are the top three reasons punters choose to bet their way to glory through sports bookie apps over browsing platforms. Read below for more!

  1. Easy to Use and Access

Sportsbook apps are naturally straightforward to access. Once you download the application through your device’s operating system, you must touch the icon and have it open in front of you. On the other hand, to access a bookie through a browser, you need to look it up on your search engine, figure out which website is the genuine one, and then access your bets. Apps eliminate the entire process and help you quickly access your favorite sports and bets.

  1. Live Bets

Who doesn’t like to see how their bet is progressing in real-time? We can bet that you would love to see how the sport you bet on is playing out so you can act accordingly. If you use the app version of an acclaimed sports bookie, you can access this information play-by-play.


  1. Improved Experience

The graphics and accessibility of a sports bookie app are usually much higher than on websites. Think of it this way – the websites serve to trap people with their charms, but the app is where bettors can genuinely be themselves. You will enjoy the entire gaming experience much more on the app.

How to Download Betting App on iOS & Android

Now that you know the benefits of installing the best mobile betting apps on your phone, you will want to know how to do it. The procedure for downloading a sportsbook app for placing bets on your favorite sport is nearly identical for iOS or Android devices. Moreover, you can get the app in an instant.

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All you need to do is go through the following steps to acquire an app from your favorite online sports bookie:

  1. Choose the bookie from which you want to download an app.
  2. Visit the bookmaker’s official site.
  3. If the bookie offers an app version, head to the “Mobile Apps” section.
  4. The next step is where the download method for iOS and Android platforms will be divulged. You will need to choose the operating system that your mobile device runs on (iOS or Android).
  5. You will need to download the APK file version for an Android system. If you cannot do so, go to your device settings and allow the “Installations from unknown sources” option to run.
  6. For an iOS system, your device will redirect you to your App Store. You will be able to download the app like any other application.
  7. Finally, users under both operating systems must complete the registration and verification process after the download.

These simple seven steps will allow you to download any app from your sports bookie. Check whether the app is allowed in your region and possesses legal licensing to operate.

Is it Safe to Bet Online Using a Mobile Betting App?

Safety is one of the most prominent reasons people choose to install apps for spotting rather than visiting the bookie’s website. If you are concerned about whether an app is safer than a webpage where you can place your bets, don’t be.

The main issue with a website is that you need to check whether your getaway connection is secure. You will also need to investigate whether the page is reliable and ensure that your bets and financial records are safe. Punters report that the app version of a sports bookie, even a reliable one, is often safer and more trustworthy.

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Whereas on the app version, all you need to do is select a reliable bookie with multiple secure payment modes. You can visit the page and download the application on your mobile phone.

Choosing the Best Way with Sports Bookie Apps

Sports betting is one of the few entertaining elements in life that can be truly rewarding. To experience the joy of winning, you need to implement specific strategies in your game plan to be victorious. While you can study a sport to bet on the most likely predictions, you should analyze the entire activity beforehand.

Downloading the app version of a popular bookie will provide you with comfort and offer multiple benefits. From secret bonuses available exclusively on a bookie’s app to safety reasons, many arguments favour a sportsbook app.

As with most other top mobile betting apps, you can avail of the app version of bookies. Bet your hand now!

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Gambling and betting industry expert Rebecca Martin is an icon of this entertaining avenue. With her decades of research and close examination of sports bookies, casinos, and gambling psychology, Martin’s advisory blogs are truly invaluable. Check out more of her work on BetZillion’s page.


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