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Xbox November 2021 Update Brings New Features, Improvements to Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One Consoles, Controllers



Xbox Game Pass


  • The Xbox November update brings new accessibility options.
  • This update rolls out the previously revealed accessibility tags for the store, allowing users to sort games by particular features.
  • There are also new color filters, audio options, and some general stability improvements when playing certain games.

The Xbox November 2021 update has been unveiled today, and it includes a whole bunch of new features including color filters, updated audio settings, link sharing for game captures accessibility improvements, and much more. A new streamlined audio experience is now available for all Xbox consoles with options like “Mute speaker audio when headset attached” in Additional options and a new Audio testing & details screen.

New color filters. Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners now have additional color filters that can be applied, improving the accessibility options for anyone who needs them.

Xbox controller update. A new controller firmware update gives Xbox One controllers (with Bluetooth support), the Xbox Elite Wireless Series 2 controllers, and the Xbox Adaptive Controller the Dynamic Latency Input already available in the Xbox Series X|S controller.

Xbox mobile app update. Players using the Xbox mobile app can now share links to screenshots or game captures.

New audio options. Players can now change their audio settings so that when they put on a headset, the TV volume is muted, meaning you don’t have to change the volume separately.

Accessibility tags. The previously discussed accessibility tags are now available, letting players search through the store and sort by various verified tags.

Other Features:

  1. Once you’ve activated Night Mode, you can set up a time schedule for when it turns on, and when it turns off.
  2. You can also set it up to adjust specifically at sunrise and sunset, based on the current time of year.
  3. You can adjust the amount of dimming, and the amount of filtering.
  4. Can set the console to block HDR, which nullifies those bright highlights.
  5. You can set it to switch between a dark theme and a light theme based on the time of day.
  6. You can set it to dim the lights on both your controller and your power button.
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