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Yeardle (Guess the Year) Wordle Game: How to Play, Features and More




Yeardle is an interesting game that has captured the attention of history enthusiasts and puzzle solvers alike. Based on the popular Wordle game format, Yeardle offers a unique twist by challenging players to guess historical years based on significant events.

It’s a fun game that mixes history with the popular format of the Wordle game. In Yeardle, players get clues in the form of significant events from the past. Using these clues, they have to figure out which year these events happened.

This game is perfect for those who love history or just enjoy a good puzzle. In this article, we’ll explore what Yeardle is, how it works, and how you can play it. So, if you’re curious about diving into history in a fun way, keep reading!

What is the Yeardle Game?


Yeardle is a history-based Wordle game. Unlike traditional Wordle where players guess words, in Yeardle, players are presented with historical events and are tasked with guessing the year in which these events took place. The game aims to test the historical knowledge of its players, offering a blend of fun and education.

At the start of each game, players are shown three significant events from a particular year in history. Their task? To deduce and input the correct year. It’s not just about random guessing; the game provides feedback, helping players narrow down their choices and get closer to the correct answer with each attempt.

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The beauty of Yeardle lies in its educational value. While players are engrossed in the challenge of guessing the right year, they are also learning about important milestones in world history. From ancient civilizations to modern-day events, Yeardle covers a vast timeline, ensuring that each game is a fresh and enlightening experience.

Gameplay and Features

The gameplay of Yeardle is straightforward yet challenging.

  1. Event Presentation: When you start a game of Yeardle, you’re immediately presented with three historical events. These events all occurred in a specific year, which you have to guess.
  2. Year Guessing: Based on the events shown, you type in the year you believe they took place. If you think the events happened before the Common Era (often referred to as BC), you’ll use a minus symbol (-) before the year.
  3. Feedback Mechanism: After each guess, the game provides color-coded feedback. This isn’t just for show; it helps you understand how close or far your guess is from the correct answer.
  4. Multiple Attempts: You don’t just get one shot at guessing. Players have a total of eight attempts to pinpoint the correct year. With each incorrect guess, the color hints guide you closer to the right answer.


  1. Color-coded Hints: Yeardle uses a unique color system to guide your guesses.
    • Gray: Your guess is more than 200 years off.
    • Brown: Your guess is between 40 and 200 years off.
    • Red, Orange, and Yellow: These colors indicate that you’re getting closer to the correct year.
    • Green: You’ve guessed correctly!
  2. Broad Historical Range: The game doesn’t limit itself to recent history. Events can span from ancient times, like Mesopotamia, to significant occurrences in the 20th century.
  3. Educational Value: Beyond being a game, Yeardle serves as a learning tool. As players guess years based on events, they’re also absorbing historical knowledge, making each game both entertaining and informative.
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How to Play the Yeardle Game?

  1. Launch the Game: Begin by opening Yeardle on your preferred platform or website.
  2. Review the Events: Once the game starts, you’ll see three historical events displayed on your screen. These events are your main clues.
  3. Input Your Guess: Based on the events you’ve read, type in the year you think they all occurred. Remember, if you believe the events took place before Christ (BC), you should use the minus symbol (-) before typing the year.
  4. Check the Feedback: After entering your guess, the game will provide color-coded feedback. This feedback is crucial as it helps you understand how close or far your guess is from the correct year.
    • Gray: Your guess is way off, specifically more than 200 years.
    • Brown: You’re closer, but still between 40 and 200 years off.
    • Red, Orange, Yellow: These colors mean you’re getting warmer, with your guess being relatively close to the right year.
    • Green: Bingo! You’ve guessed the correct year.
  5. Refine Your Guess: Using the color-coded hints from your previous guess, try again. Remember, the colors are there to guide you closer to the correct answer.
  6. Continue the Process: You have a total of eight attempts to guess the correct year. With each guess, use the feedback to refine your next attempt

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  1. What is the origin of Yeardle?
    Yeardle is inspired by the popular Wordle game, with a twist of incorporating historical events.
  2. How many attempts do players get in Yeardle?
    Players have eight chances to guess the correct year based on the provided historical events.
  3. Can players play Yeardle on mobile devices?
    Yes, Yeardle is accessible on various platforms, including mobile devices.
  4. Is there a hint system in Yeardle?
    Yes, incorrect guesses provide color-coded feedback that serves as hints to guide players closer to the right answer.
  5. Are the events in Yeardle based on real historical facts?
    Absolutely! Yeardle challenges players with genuine historical events, making it both fun and educational.
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Yeardle is more than just a game; it’s a journey through time. It offers players a unique opportunity to test their historical knowledge while enjoying the thrill of puzzle-solving. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a fun challenge, Yeardle promises an engaging and enlightening experience.

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