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Your Choices of Life Insurance without Medical Exams



Life Insurance without Medical Exams Defined and Explained

Of course, for many people, life insurance is an important milestone and goal. In modern life, there is a certain expectation that you secure life insurance for yourself to protect your beneficiaries and loved ones. Still, some struggle to get insurance for themselves for several common and unfortunate reasons. For example, you can lose the opportunity for traditional life insurance if you have certain health issues, have age concerns, or don’t pass a medical exam. That’s where many fail. The application requires these exams to rule out potential losses from risky customers. 

But, actually, you can get life insurance with a firm that doesn’t require an exam to get life insurance. That’s why in this post we discuss some example options that you have if you want to choose this path to more security and potential wealth. You can get a great policy with a competitive rate since you don’t need to submit to an exam or provide most records. Learn what your choices are with this exciting option for protecting your family after a devastating loss. And, read how you can get a no exam life insurance quote

Explore Options in Life Insurance without Medical Exams 

Immediately increasing your chances of getting helpful life insurance policies, no exam options increase customer satisfaction and grow each year. They attract smart customers and policyholders that know the value of a fast and simple application process and agreement. There is an option for the customer who wants a policy of almost any size or budget. 

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So, with an insurer like Sprout that provides the examples below, you can review these interesting options that you can get without an exam. Think about how you can get this important coverage for a complete financial picture. Then, you and your family can have peace of mind as well. So let’s jump in. 

Three Choices of Life Insurance without Medical Exams

Life insurance without medical exams is a competitive and exploding business with customers who have lots of choices for their insurer. Though, Sprout provides a great example because they offer flexible coverage options, different rates, and perfect perks that customers say they really enjoy. From them, we know that they like our fast and easy application process too. For all the options below, you can get a quick quote based on your budget, goals, and background. These three choices of coverage that you can get from Sproutt today will help you see that it’s all up to you. Tailor your policy to your life and expectations. 

Policy Option 1

There is a simple and straightforward choice in life insurance coverage that you might need in a pinch or just to have a little more security. As an initial option, you can get coverage of $250,000 for the monthly fee of just $60. This is impressive because many people who couldn’t formerly get coverage due to their budget constraints or medical exams can now get the product with ease. Though, some consider this amount too low for the peace of mind and investment they need. Some even say that your insurance policy should be equal to or greater than 10 times your yearly salary. 

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Policy Option 2

An option that’s popular with customers has a slightly larger benefit amount. In some cases you can actually receive coverage amounts of $500,000 for only $100 per month. Your beneficiaries will certainly be happy with double the benefits for a reasonable rate that gives a bit of a discount. If you wanted a larger payout, you could use this option without a medical exam. That’s attractive. 

Policy Option 3

Beneficiaries, family, whoever is named will definitely feel values by even more coverage through your life insurance policy. Sproutt offers a coverage amount of up to $750,000 dollars for $150 which saves you even more money compared to your first, smaller option. This gives everyone great relief. 

Choose Sproutt for Your Life Insurance without Medical Exams

You now know just how many choices you have in the life insurance world that’s available today, and we hope you see that life insurance is attainable without a medical exam. In fact, no exam options open up so many possibilities for customers. Sproutt wants you to be one of them because they care about their customers, giving them choices and potential policies. You should get a quote from Sproutt today. Contact them as well for answers to your insurance questions. 

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