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Your Twitter Settings Perhaps Not Allow You DMs Anymore — Here’s How To Modify It



Twitter DMs

Twitter is still viewing negative cash flow, “due to declining advertising income,” according to Elon Musk — and that may define the platform’s new tough. A desperate attempt to get more users to sign up for Twitter DMs Blue memberships.

This new characteristic modifications the settings for every user who has ‘open’ DMs. Confirming that non-Twitter Blue consumers cannot send messages to them. Essentially, your DMs are currently one big Twitter blue ad.

Twitter has started launching new settings

Twitter has started launching new settings for immediate messages. Adding a 3rd option to the usual ‘Permit everyone to message me’ or ‘Only permit users I follow to message me’. Existing choices mean you have complete control over who contacts you and who you want to remain in touch with.

This new 3rd option — which is seemingly set as the default for every user — permits users to only receive DMs from users they follow and confirmed Twitter users. This might have been significant news back when the verification system really made sense and was made up of athletes, stars, and media personalities. But now it’s a possible source of harassment.

Spending $8 a month for Twitter Blue can send you a message

Under the latest default settings, anyone spending $8 a month for Twitter Blue can send you a message — whether you really know them or not.

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Twitter declared the change on the official Twitter Support account. This serves as a fundamental acknowledgment that users with a Twitter Blue subscription can currently spam their inboxes. Even though the membership itself has a form to prevent such annoyances was presented as.

DMs split into 2 inboxes

Your DMs are split into 2 inboxes: a primary and a second, ‘Message Request’ inbox. Most messages from non-followers go directly to your request box. So if the “direct message” message button is authorized on your account. Messages from non-supporters go there.

This new feature displays a message icon for all users subscribed to Twitter Blue. So, even if you haven’t set your DMs to ‘open’ as usual. Twitter Blue users will still be able to contact you.

Don’t worry, you can change it back

As we stated, this is a setting that’s annoyingly been made the new default by Twitter – but that doesn’t mean you can’t switch it back.

Go to your messages area on your Twitter account, it will have a little envelope icon. Once you’re in the primary inbox. Tap on the Settings button and you’ll see 3 messaging choices. The ‘Permit messages only from verified users’ option is new. And you might like to turn it off if you don’t like Twitter Blue Guardians to send you messages.

This latest attempt to push Twitter Blue and its customers in front of us seems like another desperate attempt on Musk’s part to plug some holes in his sinking ship. It is a shame to see that the once-dominant social media platform has been reduced to cartoon-like silly ‘marketing’ gimmicks and general chaos. The final thing anyone likes is unknown people with blue checks sending them DMs, right?

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