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YouTube Bans Pornhub’s Official Channel for Multiple Guidelines Violations




According to allegations, Pornhub broke YouTube’s external policy link by hosting content that is banned on the video-sharing website.

After 8 years of existence, the official Pornhub channel has been removed from the video-sharing network YouTube for several infractions of the site’s community guidelines. Reports claim that the official Pornhub account broke YouTube’s external link restriction by directing people to pornographic videos on the site.

Google claims that Pornhub’s account broke YouTube’s external link policy by directing users to pornographic content that is banned on the service.

“Upon review, we terminated the channel Pornhub Official following multiple violations of our Community Guidelines,” YouTube spokesperson Jack Malon told The Verge.

“We enforce our policies equally for everyone, and channels that repeatedly violate or are dedicated to violative content are terminated,” Malon added.

Since its debut in December 2014, the Pornhub Official channel has amassed an impressive following of approximately 900,000. The web address for the channel now returns a 404 (“not found”) error.

Pornhub, in YouTube’s eyes, broke the platform’s rules by providing links to sites that hosted prohibited material on YouTube. YouTube said, “Upon inspection, we deleted the channel Pornhub Official following several violations of our Community Guidelines.” To ensure that our rules are followed consistently across the board, we remove channels used to distribute illegal or inappropriate material.

Accusations that it hosted or linked to pornographic material are “vehemently denied” by the adult website. A representative for Pornhub stated, “Pornhub maintains the very greatest trust and safety procedures on the internet and takes special effort to guarantee it does not break any of YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

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A representative for the adult entertainment industry said, “Unfortunately, this is just the latest example of discrimination against those in the adult industry, a trend seen across social media and all other facets of life, especially as groups disingenuously conflate consensual adult content with exploitation.”

Meanwhile, in September, Pornhub’s account was permanently deleted on Instagram, owned by the same company, Meta.

Pornhub has been banned from accounts on several popular social media sites, not just YouTube. Several months ago, Instagram also made the decision to prohibit Pornhub permanently. The photo-sharing app owned by Meta claimed that Instagram infringed on its rules against sexually explicit content. Following numerous violations of our regulations, we have taken the extreme measure of permanently disabling this account,” an Instagram representative stated. The business further stated that the account had been permanently closed. It was claimed by a photo-sharing app that Pornhub pushed its users away from the service to access pornographic material.


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