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YouTube is planning to add new ways for creators to make money





  • YouTube is adding new ways for creators to make money with Shorts and shopping.
  • A lot of new features are in the works for 2022.
  • For its partners, YouTube is bringing a new shopping experience.

It has been a little over a month since the new year began and we are already getting an idea of what the year would look like. Google has shared a timeline of launch for its Android 13 OS and now YouTube has shared its roadmap for the year 2022.

YouTube plans to let users and creators own videos as NFTs, and also use them as collaboration tools. In its plans for 2022, YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan revealed that the company plans to add a host of new features this year, including web3 technologies like NFTs, blockchain, and more.

YouTube features for creators

The post suggests that YouTube is likely to kick things off by allowing users to own videos on the platform, presumably by employing NFTs. “For example, giving a verifiable way for fans to own unique videos, photos, art, and even experiences from their favorite creators could be a compelling prospect for creators and their audiences,” the post said.

The platform is also tweaking its tools for creating videos and interacting with fans, like the ability to respond to individual comments on a Short, as users can do on TikTok. Creators can also begin to set channel guidelines to “better shape the tone of conversations.”

YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki had signaled the company’s intention to include NFTs on its platform last month, but the blog post from last night makes things clear. In addition, YouTube will soon roll out an integration that’ll allow you to interact on your phone with the video you’re watching on TV. This will work when you’re logged into the same account on both devices and will allow viewers to read or write a comment and share videos from their mobile device, among other things.

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YouTube also said that in the coming months, it will start to test other ways to make money on Shorts, which includes exploring new ways for Shorts creators to build branded content through BrandConnect, integrating fan-funded features like Super Chat into Shorts, and bringing the ability to shop directly from a Short.

YouTube features for Viewers

For the viewers, it is bringing features such as metaverse and the ability to listen in the background.

– YouTube said that soon, it will be unveiling a new way for viewers to use their phones while they watch YouTube on their TV to read or leave comments, share videos with a friend among other things. The company didn’t share exact details in this regard.

– YouTube said that to its Premium members, it is rolling new audio experiences including a feature to improve the listening experience by reducing loud peaks and boosting softer sounds.

– Lastly, the company said that it is planning to make listening more immersive using the metaverse. “The first area in which you can expect to see an impact is gaming, where we’ll work to bring more interactions to games and make them feel more alive,” the YouTube executive added.

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