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YouTube Videos Gets New Seek Gestures; Better Than Previous?





  • YouTube videos get new seek gestures.
  • A recent server-side update to the YouTube mobile app has now added further options.
  • The new video resolution controls allow you to prioritize their data usage while viewing content.

Google is consistent with adding a new set of features to all its services including YouTube. Amongst the most commonly used features is the seek/ fast forward video option. The new gesture is being rolled out as a server-side update for select few users on the YouTube app for Android v16.31.34 beta or more. In other words, the new feature is currently in the public testing phase. Therefore, we cannot tell for sure if it will make its way to all users at the moment.

Last year, Youtube is making changes in its app and users are opposing these modifications. Youtube is removing the ability to tap on the seek bar to skip videos that means users wouldn’t be able to simply tap to a specific time in the video to go forward or backward. Nevertheless, now users can scrub the video to move to the point from where they wish to watch it. Though it is the perfect fix to stop accidental taps especially in the full-screen mode.

Instead of tapping the button (or rotating your phone), you’ll now be able to swipe up on the video window to enter full-screen and swipe down to return back to the standard player page. There are also a few new buttons on the video player: there’s now a new closed-caption toggle that appears directly on the overlay menu, along with the toggle to turn on or off autoplay video. You can also tap on the timestamp of a video to switch between viewing how much time has elapsed in a video and how much time it is left.

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