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Zoom Rolls Out Immersive View to Bring Participants Together in a Virtual Room



Video conferencing app Zoom has rolled out a new fun Immersive View feature.

The purpose of rolling out the new update of the Zoom app is to make the online meetings, video conferencing platforms more fun. The Zoom app’s Immersive View “feature allows video participants and webinars to create a virtual background. Also, video-callers from different places can be virtually seated in the same background. You people are sitting in the same place doing video calling.

If you want to build a classroom for video conferencing, a bedroom, and a background of a video conferencing auditorium, the Zoom app will help you with that. More than 25 people will take part in it. Meeting and webinar hosts will be able to select the Zoom Immersive View feature. This is the same as the speaker and gallery view. When you enable Immersive View, the host will have the right to automatically and manually choose the virtual scene accordingly.

Hosts will be able to easily move around the scene in a virtual way.

Also, you will be able to resize the size of the image. This will make the image feel more natural experience. This new feature will be available for macOS desktop clients with windows. The Immersive View feature will be accessible by default on all free and single pro accounts.

It will support 5.6.3 or a higher version of Zoom. It can be enabled through a web portal for all types of accounts. When the Immersive View mode is enabled, the Zoom desktop and mobile apps will not be able to participate in the gallery and speaker view in any other meeting. For this, a simple background will be supported. 

The new Immersive View feature will first need to be enabled by the admin or group head in their account settings. Even an individual user will need to enable it by going to Settings > Meetings > InMeeting (advanced) > Immersive View. After it is enabled, users can opt for Immersive View once the meeting has begun by clicking on View > Immersive View > Selecting the scene > Start.

To enable the immersive view on Zoom:

— Sign in to the Zoom web portal
–Go to the navigation menu.
— Click Account Management then Account Settings.– In the Meeting tab under the In Meeting (Advanced) section, find the Immersive View option and verify that the setting is enabled.

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