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5 Tips to attract massive audience to your YouTube channel



When releasing a video, your primary focus is to gain YouTube views and then gather subscribers. One of the shortcuts in achieving success on your channel is to buy YouTube subscribers, which will ultimately help you to get more views. Every person with a smartphone definitely watches YouTube because it is one of the most popular video streaming platforms.

There are millions of videos on YouTube and streaming one video will result in an entire bingeing session. Most YouTubers start out small and then grow further with a huge subscriber list and viewership. This seems like a long-drawn process but there are tricks and tips that you can use to attract a larger audience on YouTube in a shortened amount of time.

These include ways to buy subscribers for your channel, and other methods to widen your reach.

Ways to lure in an enormous Youtube audience

Here is a list of 5 useful tips you need in order to attract a large audience to your YouTube channel.

Buy YouTube subscribers

If you choose to buy YouTube subscribers, you can instantly increase the popularity of your account, thereby allowing more people to come across your content. One of the ways to buy YouTube subscribers is to make an instant purchase. These services provide you with YouTube subscribers from other YouTube accounts for a fee.

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One such service is This is relatively safe as the subscribers it gives you are not bots, but real. So, the risk of account suspension is reduced. Another way to buy subscribers for your channel is to buy Google Ads. This is more of an organic method and the safest too.

Here, you do not technically buy subscribers, but pay to gain YouTube views and increase engagement. It is a kind of promotion.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a method to increase the quality and quantity of your account for a search engine. YouTube is owned by Google, and both these are the most popular search engines worldwide. In order to follow SEO based content creation, try making videos and content which is trending, ensure novelty of topic, and specifically answer common questions by YouTube viewers.

Furthermore, include simple titles in adherence to certain keywords. Make sure that the title of your videos, information in the description box, thumbnail etc., offer valuable data which make the audience instantly click on them. This will help your videos appear in the search list and you will definitely gain YouTube views.

Provide exclusive content

Make sure that the content you post stands out among a bunch of videos. No matter what the topic of your video is, ensure that you add a title, description and thumbnail that is so attractive and engaging, that it creates a ‘fear of missing out’ among people who come across your videos.

Releasing trailers or even early access content will result in creating a suspense element among the audience which will have them looking forward to the release of the final video. Holding back some content to build curiosity will help you gain more views.

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Be consistent and dedicated with your channel

Consistency and dedication are important rules that you need to follow in order to become a successful YouTuber. Arranging a schedule and informing the audience about it will let the audience know that you are serious about your content. You need to adhere to the schedule and upload videos on the day that you have fixed.

Keep tabs on your old videos and check for every aspect like the viewer time, the most viewed video, etc., so that you can create appropriate videos based on your viewership. Research for ways to engage your audience, and ideas to come up with content. Delivering genuine content on time will instill a sense of trust among your audience which is extremely valuable.

Do promotions and occasional collaborations

Being a solo YouTuber does not mean you have to work on the promotion by yourself. Share videos with your friends and acquaintances to get more reach. Doing collaborations with fellow YouTubers or with people who have a social media fan base will become a form of co-branding.

This cross-promotion of videos will undoubtedly help you gain views and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Bottom Line

Follow these tips to shorten the time-consuming process of building a viewership on your YouTube account. Carefully planning and executing your videos based on these tips will help you build a huge fanbase on your YouTube channel in no time.


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