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How social media and SEO work together to boost rankings



Every brand interested in investing in organic marketing has wondered at least once if social media signals directly influence search rankings. Online marketing specialists say that social media is paramount in getting content in front of large audiences, which can only benefit organic marketing, improve engagement signals, build more backlinks, and enhance visibility. Understanding both social media and SEO helps brands to perform better online. SEO research enables businesses to understand what their ideal client wants to read, and social media allows them to deliver the content to their target public.

Therefore, SEO and social media are closely related.

To help you find out more about the subject, we’ll discuss social SEO.

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What is social SEO?

Social SEO implies using social media as a tool to boost a website’s organic search ranking and visibility. Social media doesn’t directly influence SEO results. Still, social signals such as shares, likes and comments from followers on social media networks can build customer loyalty and trust and enhance brand exposure and awareness, enhancing a website’s traffic and visibility. Therefore, there’s a close relation between SEO and social media, but it all comes to the brand using the right methods.

Why is social media important for organic marketing?

According to online marketing experts, social media significantly impacts SEO. They state that search engines like Google and Bing rank websites with more shares higher than those with fewer social media interactions. Therefore, social shares play a key role in boosting SEO. Even if Google declared that it doesn’t consider social media a direct ranking factor, research shows that there’s a correlation between social media activity and rankings. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that only because the websites with lots of social shares have high rankings, it doesn’t mean they’re correlated. A reputable SEO company, London, states that social media doesn’t directly boost SEO rankings but provides link-building and content marketing opportunities that could improve organic rankings.

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Social media increases a brand’s visibility and facilitates the creation of backlinks

Social media benefits organic marketing by helping a brand get more inbound links. It’s well known that high-quality backlinks are essential for increasing domain authority and ranking higher on search engines, and social media networks can facilitate link building. When social media users engage with a brand’s content, they share it with their friends, which drives higher visibility. A brand with high online visibility is more likely to be discovered by prospects and new audiences. Besides increasing the number of links to the brand’s website, social media can also improve its reputation, credibility, and popularity. Good reputation and increased credibility are always great for SEO.

The companies that use social media for building links are also more likely to get links from other authoritative resources in their industry. A website can get more diverse links by sharing informative content on social media, which gives it more authority in search engines’ eyes.

One of the most significant benefits of using social media to boost organic marketing efforts is that it makes the task of building links from the brand. When it shares content via social media networks, it puts itself in front of a public willing to further share it.

Social media can help a website improve SEO ranking signals

As stated before, Google doesn’t consider social shares a ranking factor, but things like time on the website and time on the page influence SEO rankings. This is why online marketing specialists state that social media could benefit SEO and enable brands to improve the metrics that affect rankings. The truth is that social media drives more traffic to well-optimised website pages, which enhances brand engagement and social media visibility. When a brand works with an SEO company London based, it can target the local audience with relevant content, encouraging them to stay on the website longer. Google’s ranking algorithm accounts for the length of interactions on websites when it establishes ranks for brands. Companies can target posts on social media to boost the average time their public spends on their pages.

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The brands that post regularly on social media get their content indexed quicker

Companies can use their social media profiles to get their pages indexed by search engines faster. When they post fresh and qualitative content on their social media pages regularly and share it on all outlets, they get more clicks, which signals search engines that a page should be indexed and crawled.

Social media can help brands identify their ideal client for their SEO content

One of the best benefits social media could offer brands is that it presents them the opportunity to learn who their target public is. What services or products do they need? What do they desire? What are their feelings? What do they believe in?

The data brands get from social media allows them to build profiles and identify general tendencies. From here, they’ll have no issues finding keywords to target (that are customised and relevant to their ideal client). Social media experts found out that writing blog posts and targeting them to specific groups on social media outlets could fine-tune an online marketing strategy. However, it’s essential to test out which kind of content works best with particular demographics and use the data from social media to get feedback. Facebook is a gold mine of data for SEO.

Social media is the best place to conduct keyword research

The brands that rely on social media to connect with their audience can use it to uncover keyword opportunities for their content and profiles. It enables them to identify the type of content people prefer to read and tweak their posts to rank higher. Social media experts recommend publishing “ask the expert” posts on social media to encourage the audiences to engage with a brand. Depending on their work sector, they may have to offer some benefits or prizes for the most interesting questions to boost the posts’ popularity.

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Social media enables brands to engage with their target clients. The more they use it, the more likely they will rank higher in SEO because both the public and search engines love active brands.

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