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Best Healers In Dislyte in 2023 (Curated List With Ratings)



Best Healers in Dislyte

Dislyte is the most prominent game in the world. This game provides the ability to gamers to make formations. The healer is the most important member of the Esper Squad. Healers are massively helpful that can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. There are twelve Healers in Dislyte that have their own uses and are better than others. So it becomes difficult for the players to understand who the best healers in Dislyte are and which mix of characters will work well for them. So we have curated a list of all the best Healers in Dislyte that will help you to build an efficient team.

Today in this detailed guide, we will showcase all the top Healers available that will help you throughout the game’s journey.

Dislyte Esper Tier List

The game includes more than 70 heroes. Every Esper has characteristics that make them worthy of the others. Based on their abilities and power, these Espers have been divided into several categories. At the top is the SS tier, where you will find all the absolute best characters. Underneath it is an S tier where all the best Espers are placed. Down to it, there is the “A” tier followed by the “B” tier where you will find all the average Espers. At last, there is C and D tier where all that Espers are placed that are not so worthy.

SS Tier List

  • Unas
  • Clara
  • Sally
  • Lin Xiao
  • Gabrielle

S Tier

  • Li Lingo
  • Lucas
  •  Dhalia
  • Sander

A Tier

  • Hyte
  • Sienna
  • Donar
  • Tevor
  • Ren Si
  • Raven
  • Hyder

Best Healers in Dislyte in 2023

While forming a squad, getting a good dealer at the back is important to keep your DPS and Support Espers in the fight. With so many to choose from, it is difficult to choose which is most effective. Read on the list of recommendations that will help you to build a powerful squad:

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1) Sally

Sally is on the list of best Healers in Dislyte, originating from the Norse goddess Sif. However, it is very difficult to grab her as a legendary five-star hero the only way you can get her is the luck of the draw. Unfortunately, there is no other way to get legendary heroes. If you are lucky enough, grabbing Sally is a great decision. She serves a dual purpose of supporting while and also healing. She is a healer Esper with stronger dispels and can reduce enemy damage. Sally grants healing and a dispel to each ally before the start of their turn.

Besides focusing on healing and removing debuffs, Sally also increases damage reduction and attack, which is extremely useful. It is recommended that Sally can be used with a defensive team to get the most out of her. You don’t have to worry about Enemy debuffs and incoming damage if you own Sally in your squad.

Skills of Sally

Light Call

Her first ability is Light Call. She can attack an enemy three times, each dealing damage equal to 45%. However, it also can grant Sally immunity for 2 turns.


Dispels debuffs from all allied Espers and grants the entire team ATK up for 2 turns, Cooldown 3 turns

Ode to Joy

Each time when a teammate takes action, dispels a debuff on them, and heals them for 26 percent of their max HP


All Espers’ RESIST increases by 40%


  • Base ATK: 753
  • Base HP: 14,855
  • DEF: 860
  • Base SPD: 100

2) Clara

Clara is another legendary five-star Esper. So it would be best if you had luck to grab this legendary Esper. She is a healing Eser who grants team-wide AP buffs, Shields, and immunity. Clara’s healing removes debuffs from her targets and grants them immunity. After Ascending, the healing portion beyond the target’s maximum HP is converted into Shield.

Clara originates from the Greek Goddess of Women and Marriage, Which attacks an enemy and heals the three allies with the lowest HP. However, this heal can stack nicely if we place an HP relic build.

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Skills of Clara

  • She can deal with total damage equal to 110% of the ATK
  • Can Attack 1 Enemy
  • Heal 3 allies with the lowest HP for 5%
  • Upon healing, dispels 1 debuff from targets
  • When the healing amount exceeds the limit, it grants you a Shield for 2 turns
  • Increases all allies’ AP by 20%
  • Grants Immunity to allies without debuffs for 1 turn

3) Ahmed (Geb)

Ahmed is a legendary Wind Support Esper is Dislyte whose only aim is to keep his allies alive and healthy. He can frequently heal allies and enhance their ATK. World stage performs a single target heal 10 times, reducing allied Espers’ ability. Each time Ahmed actively casts a healing ability, he heals the ally with the lowest HP%.

Skills of Ahmed

He attacks an enemy three times, each time dealing damage equal to 15 percent of his ATK.

Warm Harmonics

Each time when Ahmed heals the ally with the lowest HP, this passive will also heal the ally with the lower HP. If they suffer from a max HP penalty, restore their maximum HP threshold by 5 percent. Upon healing, it grants 1 supporting Song stack to the ally that boosts their SPD and ATK. The more damage they have taken, the greater healing they will receive.

World Stage

It reduces all Allies’ cooldown ability by 1 turn and performs a single target heal 10 times. All these abilities make Ahmed a lifesaver in tough battles.

4) Luo Yan

Luo Yan in Dislyte is a four-star Esper that has a slew of powerful abilities. You need a lucky roll in Echo to obtain Luo Yan. Talking about his abilities, he can attack both sides’ HP levels, fate inflicts disease on the other team, reduces their max HP, and harms them. FATE is its strongest ability that hits all enemies and reduces their HP limit.

Skills of Luo Yan


He can deal damage equal to 120 percent of the ATK while healing the ally with at least 50 percent of the damage in this attack.


He can mark a teammate with Death Tome for 2 turns and grants them recovery and ATK for 2 turns. If the teammates lost some HP during the 2 turns, it restores the lost HP.

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He can deal damage equal to 100% of ATK to all enemies and reduces their HP ceiling by 30 percent. During Point Wars, all Esper’s RESIIST increases to 40%

5) Chang Pu

Chang Pu is a support Esper, considered the best Healing Esper in the early game. She is a three-star Esper with solid heal and an average single-target attack. She does a great job of healing. This could be your first and best Esper for healing your team. She is an excellent supportive Esper that you can use frequently. However, it would be best to pair her with a competent Esper. So investing in her could be the best decision for the entire team.

Skills of Chang Pu

Orb of Vaxar

Deals damage to target equal to 120% of ATK


She has the ability to heal a teammate equal to 15% of their maximum HP plus 160% of Yao Ji’s ATK.

Prayer of Renewal

It can heal all allied Esper equal to 15% of their Max HP plus 100% of Yao Ji’s ATK.

6) Heng Yue

Heng Yue is a solid four-star healer Esper that offers a dispel on her basic attack and a debuff dispel on her main heal. Her passive skill will help Esper with the least amount of HP by removing all debuffs.

Skills of Heng Yue

Silvermoon Skill

She can deal damage equal to 120% of ATK with a 100% chance of dispelling a buff.

Undying Eixir

It heals those with the lowest percentage of HP on the team at 10% of their max HP.

Captain Ability

All Allied Esper HP increased 24 percent

Final Words

These are some best Healers in Dislyte in 2023. Selecting Espers from the A tier and S Tier is the best option. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. In case of any queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!! Stay Connected for more latest updates.

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