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7 Best Fake Incoming Call Apps to try in 2024



Fake Incoming Call Apps

In today’s fast-paced world, finding an excuse to step away from awkward situations or just to catch a break can be invaluable. This is where fake incoming call apps come into play. These ingenious applications simulate incoming calls to your smartphone, providing a believable excuse to leave a meeting, avoid a conversation, or just amuse friends.

These apps are like having a magic button that brings you a believable excuse to step away, no questions asked. Want to leave a boring party? Just schedule a fake call and, voila, you’ve got a reason to head out the door. Plus, these apps can be really fun to play around with, especially if you want to trick your friends into thinking you’re getting a call from someone famous or important.

In short, fake incoming call apps are your go-to for getting out of sticky situations or just having a laugh. And the best part? They’re right there on your phone, ready to save the day whenever you need them.

What are Fake Incoming Call Apps?

Fake Incoming Call Apps

Fake incoming call apps are clever tools designed for smartphones that simulate real phone calls. They make it look and sound like you’re receiving a call, even when you’re not. With these apps, you can set up a fake caller’s name, choose a ringtone, and even decide exactly when the call should come in. Some of these apps go the extra mile by letting you create a whole scenario with a fake voice on the other end to make the call seem more real.

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They’re super handy for a variety of situations. Maybe you’re stuck in an awkward conversation, need a break from a meeting, or just want a reason to step away from a group. Or perhaps you’re looking for a fun way to prank your friends by making it look like a celebrity is calling you. Whatever the reason, fake incoming call apps are there to create a believable excuse or just for a bit of fun, all with a few taps on your screen.

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Best Fake Incoming Call Apps

Exploring the realm of fake incoming call apps offers a unique solution for those seeking a polite exit from uncomfortable situations or a playful prank. Here’s a deeper dive into seven of the best apps in this category, highlighting their standout features and how they can be utilized:

1) Fake Call Plus

A leader in the fake call app market, Fake Call Plus is celebrated for its lifelike call screens that mimic real incoming calls seamlessly.


It boasts extensive customization options, allowing users to personalize the caller ID, ringtone, and even the call screen. Users can pre-set calls at specific times, making it easier to anticipate and act during predetermined situations.

2) Mr. Caller Free

This versatile app goes beyond simple fake calls, providing functionality to schedule multiple fake calls and messages.


Ideal for more complex scenarios, Mr. Caller Free can manage a series of calls and messages, giving users flexibility in how and when they receive these fake communications, and ensuring believability and control.

3) Call Assistant

Standing out with its advanced features, Call Assistant introduces voice recognition to enhance the realism of fake calls.

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This app can recognize voice commands, allowing users to interact with fake calls in real-time. This feature adds an extra layer of authenticity, making the fake call more convincing to onlookers.

4) Fake Call: Fake Caller ID

Known for its straightforward and intuitive interface, this app simplifies the process of creating a fake call.


It offers detailed call customization options, enabling users to tailor every aspect of the fake call, from the caller’s name and number to the specific ringtone and vibration pattern, ensuring each fake call meets the user’s needs.

5) Prank Call Free

As the name suggests, this app specializes in creating humorous prank calls with pre-recorded voices.


Users can select from a variety of funny scenarios and voices to send prank calls to friends, making it a great tool for light-hearted entertainment and laughter.

6) Fake calls & SMS

This app extends its functionality to fake text messages, offering a comprehensive approach to simulating communication.


Alongside creating fake calls, users can also send themselves or others fake SMS messages. This dual capability can create more elaborate scenarios or provide additional context to the fake calls, enhancing the overall believability

7) WePhone

While primarily known for its affordable international calling features, WePhone also allows users to creatively alter their caller ID for outgoing calls.


This unique feature can be leveraged to make prank calls where the caller ID appears different from the actual number, adding a layer of anonymity and fun to the call. It’s a versatile app that bridges the gap between practicality and play.

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1. Are fake incoming call apps free?

Many fake call apps are free, but some may offer premium features through in-app purchases.

2. Can I choose what the caller ID says?

Yes, most fake call apps allow you to customize the caller ID, including the name and number.

3. Is it possible to schedule a fake call for later?

Absolutely. Scheduling calls for a specific time is a common feature in these apps.

4. Do fake call apps work on all smartphones?

While most are designed for both Android and iOS, compatibility may vary based on the app and your device’s operating system version.

5. Can others tell it’s a fake call?

If used subtly and with the customizable features properly set up, it’s hard for others to detect that it’s a fake call.


Fake incoming call apps serve as a useful tool for navigating social situations. It provides a polite escape or simply offers a moment of amusement. With various features and customization options, these apps can simulate realistic calls, helping users maintain their privacy or break the ice with a prank. Remember to use these apps responsibly and respect others’ boundaries.

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