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10 upcoming WhatsApp features: Animated avatar, Share your review in group chat, new security tools and more



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10 upcoming WhatsApp features: Meta-owned messaging platform application is constantly adding fresh features and updating their current ones. Here’s an overview of some of the new and upcoming applications WhatsApp is rolling out:

10 upcoming WhatsApp features for Users:

Animated avatar feature on iOS beta

The messaging medium WhatsApp is launching an animated avatar characteristic on iOS. According to some site reviews, users should open the keyboard and choose the Avatar. Tab to study whether the feature is enabled for their account.

Beta customers will then see some animations for some of the avatars.

Users can share animated avatars with everyone as there is no need to implement the beta model to be able to receive them.

“In addition, only a limited number of stickers are animated. Although we believe WhatsApp may introduce an animated version of the entire avatar,” the file states.

Keeping in mind a better communication experience. The lifelike avatars are expected to bring more lifestyle and character to the stickers.

The live avatar feature is presently available to rare beta testers who set up the modern-day update of WhatsApp beta for iOS from the TestFlight application and will be launching to more users in the forthcoming days.

Send for evaluation function for institution administrators

Here we discuss the 10 upcoming WhatsApp features. WhatsApp may introduce an admin review feature for organization chats on Android beta. Allowing individuals to document messages to administrators. As per a report by some sites, the new option will be available for organization administrators on the group settings screen.

Once this feature is enabled, everyone in Institute Chat will be able to file messages shared in verbal exchanges for group admins.

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After a message has been flagged, the institution administrator will have the option of either deleting the message for each individual or taking significant action based on the importance of the flagged content.

“This selection empowers the group to maintain a safe and respectful environment in oral exchanges,” the record states.

With the brand new feature, organization administrators can get help monitoring the organization, even when they’re not there.

Messages that need to be reviewed can be indexed into a brand new section within the Institute Information display.

The new admin overview feature for organization chats is currently available to the few beta testers on the ultra-modern WhatsApp beta set for Android updates. And is being rolled out to more and more users in the coming days.

New security tools on Android beta

Last month, the messaging platform rolled out new security gear on Android beta for customers receiving messages from unknown cellphone numbers.

The platform also introduced the ‘Hyperlink with phone number’ feature on Android Beta. Which allows users to link their account to WhatsApp Net using their telephone range.

In June, the Meta-owned platform launched a function that permits users to share high-quality movies on Android Beta.

Although this option preserves the video dimensions, minor compression will still be applied to the video, with the result that it is not always feasible to send videos in their original first class.

Email-Based Account Protection Feature

The messaging platform is reportedly rolling out a new security feature for Android beta to protect a user’s account using an e-mail handle.

As per some reports, the platform will ask the consumer for their email address to protect and confirm their account.

The exact circumstances in which an email address may be helpful in improving WhatsApp’s balance protection are currently unknown as the feature is currently under development.

This feature may be available optionally and may be optional for the person asking for an email address when configuring 2-Step Verification.

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The brand new security feature to protect accounts using email addresses is expected to be introduced in a future update of the app, the report added.

‘Hyperlink with telephone number’ function

The platform is also introducing the ‘Hyperlink with telephone range’ feature on Android. Which permits users to link their account ID to WhatsApp Web using their Mobile number.

With this option, customers can link their account to WhatsApp Internet without scanning the QR code.

In July, the Meta-owned platform released a feature on Android beta. That allowed users to create new organizations when forwarding messages.

Now add members from the organization chat window

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new feature to allow people to be added to new companies in group chats on Android and iOS.

According to some sites, a new banner may also occur inside group chats. Motivating people to add fresh individuals to the groups.

This option can be considered as a shortcut to save the user from having to open the organization information to add a new member to the organization.

By tapping on that banner. The customer can add new people to the institution if the institution’s settings allow it.

Furthermore, the report states that with the quick access provided through the banner. Users do not need to navigate through organization information display screens to complete missions.

The report states that the feature to add members to group chats is available to a few users who have installed the trendy WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android. And is being rolled out to more people in the coming days. Is.

New interface for Action Sheet on iOS

WhatsApp is also bringing a completely new interface for Motion Sheet on iOS. The new interface is not mentioned at all in the official changelog. However, some sites showed that the new motion sheet has been released for some users. Who are installing the mod version of the app.

Users who do not have this new interface need not worry as some loans may become available in the coming weeks.

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In June, WhatsApp was launching a new interface for Motion Sheet to a few beta testers on iOS.

Muting, deleting, cleaning, or exporting a release resulted in new motion sheets being delivered using the platform.

Additionally, a redesigned motion sheet was to be available when toggling the ability to place media on the Snapshot app or view chat shortcuts.

Landscape mode support for video calls

Last month, WhatsApp launched landscape way support in a great way for video calls and muting unknown callers on iOS.

The platform also released the ability to seamlessly transfer entire account history when switching to a new device.

A redesigned sticky label tray with Step Forward navigation and a new set of stickers that contain larger avatars have also been launched.

Send high-quality video

It was also said that the organization has released a feature on iOS beta, which permits users to send high-quality movies.

Although this option preserves the video dimensions. Some compression will be applied to the video. So it may not be possible to send motion pictures in their original greatness.

The default choice for all motion pictures will always be ‘Fashionable First Class’. Therefore, users should select the high-quality option to send better high-quality videos every time.

Instant video messaging

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company is adding the ability to instantly share documents and video messages to WhatsApp chats.

According to Meta’s inventor and CEO: It’s as simple as sharing a short voice message.

We feel this will be an entertaining way to share moments with all the feeling that comes from video. Whether it’s wishing a person a happy anniversary or any other wishes. Laughing at a comic story, or uncovering top information,” said the employer. 

Video messages are a way to respond in real-time to chats that you want to mention and display. WhatsApp said in a statement.

Just tap to switch to video mode and continue recording the video. You can also lift up to lock and record video hands-free. Hope you like the 10 upcoming WhatsApp features.


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