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Top Gaming Podcasts for 2022



Radio is fast going out of fashion and has been replaced by podcasts. Listening to podcasts has become the daily go-to listening experience for many individuals worldwide. Whatever your interest and taste, there’s a podcast that matches it. This also goes for video games.

If you’re a gamer, there’s an excellent chance you have already gone through a few gaming podcasts. You may have also heard of cs go crash gambling from a podcast!

Given the incredibly sheer amount of gaming content online, missing out on a few gems is not impossible.

That is why this list of the best gaming podcasts for 2022 has been compiled. You can get top-notch gaming content from these podcasts to keep up-to-date with the latest news in the gaming universe.

The best gaming podcasts in 2022

There are a myriad of gaming podcasts out there. Most gaming podcasts focus exclusively on gaming stuff, such as the things to keep in mind when betting on matches in CSGO, gadgets to enhance mobile gaming, and the latest video games. A few others spice things up with news about TV shows and movies.

Here they are:

ACG (AngryCentaurGaming)

ACG is one of the most prolific gaming channels on YouTube. This podcast covers every major game release, review, and the latest and most popular titles, with a unique level of humorous and professional criticism.

ACG’s reviews are always to the point. However, the podcast is known to dive deep into video game production, from conception to execution. It also covers popular trends, gaming news, overarching themes within the gaming industry, etc.

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Retronauts is a podcast that focuses on valuable older games and systems. The hosts are Bob Mackey, a contributing writer to several gaming sites, and Jeremy Perish, former top dog at IGN. They regularly interview game specialists. They also discuss the popular old games that made those in the current zeitgeist possible.

Sound of Play

Sound of Play is a podcast that delves deep into the music behind most video games. It features a wide range of music from its favorite video games while helping the audience understand why particular music is played in the background of a particular video game.

Script Lock

Max and Nick Folkman host this podcast, and no, it is not only for writers. This is the go-to podcast if you want to discover how the scripts of those video games you love were made.

Script Lock features developers and writers as they have informal discussions and share how stories are conceptualized, written, and told in video games.

Giant Bombcast

This podcast has an entertaining atmosphere that swiftly quenches your thirst for specific video game data or information.

Giant Bombcast stands out from other shows due to its highly superior sound quality and the humor of the hosts. The hosts are Dan Ryckert, Jeff Gerstmann, Brad Shoemaker and Drew Scanlon.

The camaraderie of these hosts showcase is amazing despite their unique personalities.

Triple Click

Triple Click is perhaps the most recent podcast because it was launched on April 22nd, 2022. It may be new, but the hosts are not greenhorns. Maddy Myers, Kirk Hamilton, and Jason Schreier were former hosts of Kotaku Splitscreen.

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This podcast focuses primarily on video games and branches out into TV shows, movies, pop culture, etc.


It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; podcasts afford an excellent way of catching up on video game happenings or news.

This list of the top gaming podcasts in 2022 should suffice. As long as you keep listening to top-rated podcasts from time to time, you will never be left in the dark regarding what is happening in the gaming universe.


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