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WhatsApp introduces a new Keep Messages feature, here’s how it works



WhatsApp Keep Messages

Meta-owned Messaging Platform WhatsApp keeps on adding new features to enhance user experience. In the latest development, WhatsApp brings a new Keep Messages feature that will help users to keep certain messages that they want to keep forever in a chat. The latest beta version of the app will be going to roll out through the Google Play Beta Program. This feature is going to arrive for more users in the upcoming days. WhatsApp begins developing this feature in March 2022 and has started rolling it out to selected users.

The disappearing feature allows users to send a message that will disappear message in a chat preventing them from disappearing after the set timer. However, if the users keep the disappearing message, it will not disappear from the chat even after disappearing.

WhatsApp “Keep Messages” Feature- What is it?

WhatsApp’s latest feature can be used to keep and store messages within a disappearing Chat Window for everyone. Once this feature is enabled, both the sender and receiver will be able to save particular messages in the chat even if other messages disappear.

Interestingly, the Kept Messages feature will let the users stop the message from disappearing within the group even after the disappearing message’s dedicated timeline expires. The aim of this feature is to help users save the disappearing message within the chat for future reference.

As per reports, users will be able to access this feature by visiting the group, tapping on the Group Name, and then selecting the area labeled “Keep Messages”. Under this tab, you will find all the saved messages unless someone deletes them.

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How this Feature will work?

This new feature will add a new section called “Keep Messages” that will appear within chat info. This section will appear only when the feature becomes available for that specific WhatsApp Account. The keep messages will no longer vanish from the chat even after their expiration. However, users still have control over these messages as they can be deleted at any time.

Once this feature becomes life, WhatsApp will not be allowed users to mark messages as Starred. The app even remove the Starred messages feature from the chat info.


The kept Messages feature is currently under beta testing. As of now, the new Kept Messages feature is available for some selected beta testers who are using WhatsApp Business. The platform is going to roll out the feature to all users in the upcoming updates.

In other news, WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow WhatsApp Desktop Users to share Photos, and Videos in their Original quality. Presently, the platform is used to compress the images by default. This really impacts the quality of the image. This upcoming feature will allow you to send images in Original quality by preserving their resolution, and quality.

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