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Where to Buy Among Us Funko Pop in 2023?



among us funko pop

Funko Pops are in vogue these days. While the concept of these vinyl figurines is fairly new, it still has surged in popularity and sales. If you love cartoon figures with small bodies and big heads, add Among Us Funko Pop to your collection and take your gaming love to another level.

These cute little action figures have been around us for over a decade and have recently amassed such widespread popularity among games. It’s hard to believe, but some people even buy these figurines as investments, hoping their value will increase.

So, if you are a long-standing fan of Among Us and wish to grab your favorite characters, it’s suggested to buy Among Us Funko Pop online. In addition, you must collect information about Among Us Emojis, characters, and symbols to add more thrill to your overall experience.

Our team took the liberty of searching for trusted platforms from where you can buy legitimate Funko pops and get value for money.

What are Funko Pops?

If you are a fan of collecting pop culture merchandise, you’ve definitely heard of Funko Pop vinyl figures. Whether you love gaming or are a movie buff, these figurines will surely leave you awestruck and nostalgic.

Although Funko pops have been around us for over a decade, these collectibles have recently garnered huge popularity. With the increasing number of collectors worldwide, Funko’s pop vinyl figures have sealed many licensing deals from the trendiest gaming franchises, TV shows, anime, music, sports, and many more.

Speaking of Among Us, Funko Pop is a nostalgia-based toy featuring popular licensed gaming characters. These figures are characterized by oversized heads and eyes, depicting each in different sizes, outfits, poses, and finishing.

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Aside from that, these pop products come with attractive window box packing, making them ideal for all gaming buffs. From moves and ad icons to Marvel and Dragon Ball, Funko’s pop line has something in store for you. Buy Among Us Funko Pop online and bring your favorite characters to life.

These sought-after collectibles are characterized by giant-headed, big-eyed vinyl plastic replicas of your favorite Among Us character. What makes Funko Pops worth purchasing is their oddly proportioned bodies, oversized heads, wide round eyes, and cartoonish appearance.

Much like other collectibles, it’s easy to become obsessed with these adorable figurines. So, if you are too much into the Among Us game, take a step further and invest a few bucks in these game-based pops.

Where should you buy Among Us Funko Pop?

Here comes the real challenge – Where to buy these bobblehead figurines? The ever-growing demand for Among Us Funko Pop gives rise to numerous online and physical stores. However, with many sellers, picking the one who’s legit and sells high-end products can be overwhelming.

But you should keep calm, as our team has mapped out some legitimate sources to buy Among Us Funko Pop online. Bookmark these companions and pick any of them when it comes to purchasing toys for your collection or as gifts for your loved ones.

You can easily buy these Funko pops at

  • Etsy
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Amazon
  • Walgreens.

These are legit sources and offer these bobblehead figures at affordable prices. In addition to online sources, Among Us Funko Pops might be available at some brick-and-mortar stores. But, since they are not licensed to sell all these items, it’s advised to opt for the above-mentioned sources.

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Online outlets offer a massive range of options, and you can easily navigate through their products before making a final purchase.

Among Us Funko Pop average prices

Now that you’ve learned where to buy Among Us Funko Pop online let’s briefly overview these figurines’ average prices. Before you buy these vinyl characters, it’s good to have an approximate idea of how much you should expect to spend when purchasing them.

The market for these giant-headed figures spans various industries across the world. And hence, their prices vary from one franchise to another, mostly depending on their popularity.

Since Among Us is one of the prominent games, you can expect to shell out a good amount when purchasing the relative figurines. These characters can range from $10 to $350 and beyond.

The overall price of these collectibles depends on the class and popularity of the game and the character. Hence, it’s always best to search the average prices for your pops beforehand and get an accurate quote to avoid any last-minute surprises.

If you find the price genuine, order the figurine with the swipe of your fingertips and enjoy a sense of ownership and status. In addition to buying Among Us Funko pops, gamers can also download Among Us lock screen app for iOS and Android without spending a penny.

Is Among Us Funko Pop worth buying?

New things keep being introduced in pop culture occasionally, making people go crazy over them. One of the biggest things game lovers and movie buffs have been going wild over is Funko Pop toys.

Some figurines are super common, and you can pick them for under $20, while others are the rarest and can go up into the thousands. There is literally everything in Among Us Funko pops that you can imagine.

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Aside from Funko pop collectors finding satisfaction in flaunting their collection to other gamers, these figures also make a good investment. Depending on the rarity, you may sell a rare Funko pop and make an immense profit.

But here the question is – are these bobbleheads worth shelling out dollars? And the answer depends on their price. Any pop is worth its fee if you are a normal collector of the figure.

However, those searching for rare finds and spending on exclusive ones stay on edge. They can earn more profit by selling those limited options at higher prices. Or else their money might be wasted if that specific character or figurine loses popularity.

Frequently Answered Questions

Q. Is Among Us Funko Pop a toy?

Ans. Yes. It is simply collectible vinyl toys that gamers love to display on their shelves or collections.

Q. Why are some Funko pops expensive?

Ans. The price of the Among Us Funko pop depends on several factors, including scarcity, the popularity of the character, the product franchise, and condition.

Closing Words

The concept of Funko pops here to stay with us for a long while. Hence, if you love showing such figurines, it’s high time to spend on them before they go out of stock.

An Among Us Funko Pop is one of the best memorabilia gamers can ever have. Hence, don’t waste much time and visit any of the above-mentioned legitimate platforms to make a purchase.


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