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Who is the unknown caller in COD(MW3) Modern Warfare 3?



unknown caller in cod(mw3)

Unknown caller in COD(MW3): Following the current verification that the forthcoming Call of Duty game will be MW 3, gamers are being welcomed with a message from an unknown caller. This unknown caller asks users to contact a telephone number in order to obtain sensitive information. Upon sending a text over the telephone range, gamers receive a marked location on the Al Mazrah map, pointing to the location of the Zaya Observatory.

Although this is all very interesting indeed, the identity of the mysterious caller is still unknown. This has the lovers wondering who the caller could be. In this study, we will take a more intimate look at the weird caller and who they could be in the Modern Warfare 3 game.

Is the unknown caller Makarov in MW 3? 

According to the society, the unknown caller in COD(MW3) is none other than Makarov. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the mystery deepens as we delve deeper. Since the iconic Call of Duty villain was confirmed to be the number one rival of the upcoming game, gamers are assuming that the Thriller caller is him. That said, there are countless other theories about who they could be.

In fact, some enthusiasts are of the opinion that this is quite the trendy Shepherd. In the campaign of Modern Warfare 2, the favorite shepherd is in hiding as his mistakes come to the fore. But, as the famous saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” it is surprisingly likely that Shepherd is amassing foot soldiers on the side of the Graves Shadow organization to counter Makarov’s forces on Al Mazrah. 

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Yuri has grown tired of Makarov’s tactics

However, many claim that it is Yuri. In the unique Modern Warfare 3, Yuri has grown tired of Makarov’s tactics and switched sides to help Challenger Force 141 take down the war criminal. Players had no idea about Yuri’s record until the end of the game; Therefore, it is quite likely that Yuri will return in the current War Three and become a part of the ranks of Project Pressure 141 in order to put an end to the worldwide threat once and for all.

The important thing to note here is that these are only speculations. Separated from Makarov, Cpt. Price, and Ghost, no other characters were shown for MW3. For this reason, it can be each person on this factor.

Usually, by August, players have a clear idea of what to expect at the next Call of Responsibility call. But, this time, the matter has been kept under wraps, with little teases from time to time.

It contains everything there is to know about the unknown caller in the present war three. Enthusiasts looking forward to the MW3 screen event need to tune in to Warzone 2’s DMZ mode on August 17, 2023.


How do you get callsigns in mw3?

All titles and emblems can only be unlocked by completing corresponding challenges. Some titles, numbered 1-24, are rank-locked. Players must complete challenges in the Barracks to unlock titles for their callsigns.

How old is Captain Price in MW3?

64 during his final appearance.

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