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10 Best free QR Code Generator software of 2021



Nowadays, QR codes are almost everywhere. From restaurant tables, store windows to product labels, brand owners and marketers use QR codes as a contactless solution driver. With its popularity and benefits in business sectors, choosing the best QR code generator is quite overwhelming.

QR codes are predominantly utilized by businesses because of the convenience and ease of use by customers. These businesses achieved their goals through the careful selection of a reliable QR code generator that simplifies technical means into scan and views promptly.

But what are the best QR code generators you can find online?

Fret not; we give you this comprehensive list of the best QR code generators-both free and premium.

Let’s get started to know more about them!

The first on the list is QR Tiger!

1. QRTiger

What is QR Tiger?

QR Tiger is a user-friendly QR Code generator with multiple features suited for personal and professional uses.

In short, QR Tiger is your one-stop shop of QR codes for various uses. It can integrate with over 3,000+ apps through the Zapier integration or through applying their APIs.

QR Tiger’s Hubspot app enables an easy way to create QR codes directly on your CRM. It also has a bulk QR code generator and QR code generator API for more professional needs.

The 24/7 customer support and intelligent tracking features make QR Tiger ideal for large businesses as well.

Who is it for?

QR Tiger is for individuals and businesses. Anyone who has an account with QR Tiger can generate QR codes.

You can generate a static QR code for free if your content does not need any editing.

On one hand, a dynamic QR code is an excellent option if you want to generate a QR code with your brand logo and your A/B marketing. You can also track data using a dynamic QR code. You can try the free trial version to evaluate its potential for marketing campaigns.

Thus, QR Tiger’s top-shelf QR code generator and management tools do wonders in your marketing campaigns. We can say it’s the best and most advanced QR code generator with a logo on our list.


QR Tiger offers a free trial version once you created an account which allows you to make up to 3 dynamic QR codes. But the free trial includes QRTiger branding and limits to 100 scans in each QR code. 

Bulk QR is available in advance and premium plans only. Bulk QR is important if you want to generate a large volume of QR codes at once, all embedded with appropriate information for your customers.

  • The regular plan has 12 dynamic QR codes and unlimited scans at $7/ month.
  • The advance plan has 200 dynamic QR codes at $16/month. It has features of bulk, analytics, and Zapier and Hubspot integrations on top of regular features
  • Premium plan has 600 dynamic QR codes at $37/ month. 
  • Specialized enterprise options are available upon request.

The QRTiger pricing page.

Second, on the list is Visme. Let’s see what it can offer!

2. Visme

What is Visme?

Visme generates static QR codes only that links to text, business cards, multimedia, social media channels, and marketing campaigns. Recently, it launched other features that include a QR code builder to add QR codes to your designs.

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Who is it for?

Visme is for educators, marketers, and small businesses that are looking for design solutions through QR codes.


You can create a free account with Visme and generate a QR code. For paid plans, you can access premium templates and more scope of design assets.

  • The standard plan is at $15/month
  • Best Value plan and Business plan with unlimited projects, and a Brand Kit are at $29/month.
  • Enterprise plans are custom upon request.
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A screenshot of Visme's pricing page.

Next up is Delivr, one of the pioneers in link shortening.

3. Delivr

What is Delivr?

Delivr is a privacy-first software company considered to be one of the most established QR code generators on the list.

Delivr creates QR codes with images behind them. It also offers Motion QR, a QR code with an animation behind it.

Who is it for?

Delivr is for businesses that prioritize privacy and safety. Banks and other financial institutions that need high-security QR codes can use Delivr’s high-security QR code solutions.


Delivr has pricing plans for businesses of all sizes with varying options and tools.

  • The free plan has three dynamic-ready codes and unlimited static codes.
  • Plus plan has 100 dynamic codes at $25 / month.
  • Plus plan has 100 dynamic codes at $25 / month.
  • The prime plan has 250 dynamic codes at $50 / month.
  • VIP plan has 500 codes at $125 / month.
  • Pro plan has 1000 codes and lots more business features at $999 / month.

Now, let’s find out about Shopify’s QR Code Generator.

4. Shopify’s QR Code Generator

What is Shopify QR Code Generator?

Shopify QR Code Generator generates static QR codes like web URL, phone number, SMS, or plain text QR codes.

Who is it for?

Shopify’s QR code generator is a free service for anyone to use, not just Shopify merchants.

However, the QR codes here are relatively static to a fault, so don’t consider this if you’re running QR code campaigns.

If you’re trying to make a quick QR code, you can give it a go.



Next up, is QR Explore.

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5. QR Explore

What is QR Explore?

QR Explore offers a bulk QR code generator and label generator. It offers only up to non-expiry 100 codes for free to users. Meanwhile, the bulk QR code comes with a fee but you have to register first to avail of this.

Who is it for?

QR Explore is for medium-sized businesses that run QR Code marketing campaigns.


QRExplore offers a purchase credits option to users to generate up to 100,000 codes at a time and download it in a .zip file. USD, pounds, and euros are available.

  • 1,000 credits for $7.50 USD
  • 5,000 credits for $20.00 USD
  • 10,000 credits for $30.00 USD
  • And more credit options

We’ve arrived at #6! Let’s find out more about the QR Code menus of Zebra QR.

6. Zebra QR

What is ZebraQR?

ZebraQR allows you to create QR menus in a PDF or a landing page. It does not only generate the QR code but also creates custom-tailored menus for you.

Who is it for?

ZebraQR is for dining outlets such as cafes, restaurants, and bars that are transitioning to contactless menus.


ZebraQR’s pricing options are simple. It is composed of three triers with varying features.

  • The free plan offers features tailor-fit for a small cafe or restaurant, or food truck.
  • The starter plan has the menu creation tool and more at $9 / month.
  • Pro plan offers unlimited scans and value-added features at $49 / month.

Let’s check out another QR code generator that offers simple uses.

7. QRickit

What is QRickit?

QRickit is a free QR code generator for static QR codes. It provides static codes and solutions to dynamic tracking using services like and Google analytics.

Who is it for?

Since QRickit is a free service platform, its QR code generator is best for casual use or with enterprises with a limited marketing budget.



We’re now at #8! Let’s take a look at how QRStuff works.

8. QRStuff

What is QRStuff?

QRStuff is a free QR code generator for both static and dynamic QR codes. Its features include 26 QR code data types and analytics tools for data tracking. However, you can only customize the QR code after signing up.

Who is it for?

With more options for data and personalization plus unlimited static codes you can generate, small businesses with no marketing budget can use QRStuff.


QRStuff offers flexible paid plan options. The payment plans have unlimited QR code generation and analytics. Educators, institutions and non-profit organizations can avail discounted plans and free account upgrades.

  • 1 month: $11.95
  • 3 months: $9.99
  • 6 months: $8.33
  • 12 months: $7.50

Let’s move on to the last two QR code generators.

9. Unitag QR

What is Unitag QR?

Unitag QR is a European company that combines two quick and easy features: QR code generator and QR code reader. However, you need to create an account with UnitagQR to create a static or dynamic QR code.

Who is it for?

Unitag QR is for small to medium enterprises that have transactions in Euros. Likewise, it is ideal for casual users as the free option offers unlimited static codes with unlimited scans.

In UnitagQR, you can still click the QR tag even if your subscription ended already. However, you can no longer access the analytics data of the QR code.


The free plan in Unitag QR offers unlimited QR codes and unlimited scans. The paid subscription plans are more feature-rich.

  • Basic plan is 100 Euros / month.
  • Live plan is 300 Euros / month.
  • Business plan is 800 Euros / month.
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Last, but not least is the Visualead.

10. Visualead

What is Visualead?

Visualead offers Smart Packaging Solutions you can integrate seamlessly to QR codes into branded packaging. Visualead also easily embeds QR codes into any image or animation. This option is offered in higher pricing tiers of Visualead.

Who is it for?

Visualead is intended for marketers and SEO-driven businesses (SMBs). It is also for professionals with limited graphic design skills.


Visualead has four subscription plans, including a free tier. In the free plan, the Visualead branding will be included in the design.

  • Basic Plan offers 5 QR codes at $6.23 / month.
  • Advanced Plan offers 50 QR codes at $12.45 / month.
  • Premium Plan offers 150 codes and unlimited scans at $36.75 / month.

That’s quite a long list! Now that you’re ready to get started with QR codes, it’s time to choose a tool.

Factors to consider when choosing the best QR code generator

To help you make a more informed decision, there are factors that you must keep in mind. In a nutshell, you should look at these factors:


A reputable QR code generator ensures that your business is secure from any fraudulent risks. To know if the QR code generator is credible, you must check if it has an SSL certificate and has GDPR compliance.

Ease of use

Take into consideration if the interface is easy to navigate and up-to-date. You need a QR code generator that ensures a smooth user experience even for non-techie individuals.

Needs-specific options

Keep in mind your needs and the options given by a QR code generator. Through this, you will know what QR code encryption you will make and share with your customers.

Integration of Dynamic QR codes

The integration of the dynamic QR code in a QR Code generator tool is important. Thus, check the tool first if it has this feature. From a marketing standpoint, using dynamic QR codes helps you save resources. It ensures that the QR code marketing campaign can store different data without the need to generate new ones.

Performance tracking

The best QR code generator has performance tracking features. The tracking feature is embedded in dynamic QR codes which include monitoring of the number of scans made, location, and the date of scans. By tracking the data, you can use it for future research and possibly reach higher ROIs.

Multiple Designing Choices

Design is important in any marketing effort as it attracts more customers and enhances the quality of the marketing message.

The best QR code generators with the logo must have multiple design options. A customized QR code will have a chance to get more scans.


Now that you’re quite familiar with the best QR code generators and the important factors to consider, have you found the one that will cater to your needs?

Of all the long list of QR code generators you have just read, you can try generating your own dynamic QR codes with QR Tiger, the best QR code generator on our list so you can boost your marketing campaigns by tracking data instantly.

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