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5 Biggest YouTube Slot Channels



The slot is the most popular game at any casino. It has fantastic graphics, amusing sound effects, and the potential to win a big jackpot.

The online gambling industry is rapidly growing. This has resulted in the rise of platforms that aim to inform players about the best pokies. Such individuals can use slot YouTube channels to reach out to their audience and educate them about sportsbooks and other gambling-related topics.

Gamblers can now learn how to play their favorite casino games and slots by watching tutorials or participating in gaming sessions led by professionals on various platforms. Find out which is the most popular and active YouTube slot channel in the list below.

A team of our experts have collected the channels with the most interesting games which are featured on the best casinos NZ and are going to bring the most enjoyable gambling experience:

Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher is the name of the channel and the person who operates it. He draws in thousands of viewers per video. This is actually the most viewed YouTube channel. He is a well-known celebrity in the world of YouTube slot reviews, having been posting the most popular slot videos for years. His main aim is to educate and excite his audience.

According to Brian Christopher slots, he teaches “how to play slots in casinos all across the world, betting between $1 and $100 each spin”. He has earned over 350,000 subscribers due to his efficiency.

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Since he launched the channel in 2006, it has set a very high standard by uploading one of the most diverse video catalogs aimed at slot machine lovers. Christopher also posts live streams where subscribers can watch him play jackpot slots in real-time. This channel offers a variety of table games, limits, places, and even guests. He is frequently seen in Southern California, Las Vegas, and other locations.

Slotlady aka All Casino Action

Slotlady, who has changed the channel name into All Casino Action, is different from slot queen. Sarah runs Slotlady, and she is the biggest female slot YouTuber. The author receives her motivation from her slot gambling. Sarah created the channel to share her experience with her followers. Her videos feature big wins, big losses, as well as jackpots. She has more than 130,000 followers at the writing of this article and over 26 million views on the videos she has uploaded so far.

This channel features a lot of very interesting slot machine facts, gameplay in land-based casinos and internet gambling sites. She offers real money tournaments with stakes ranging from a few bucks to over $25 every spin. Sarah also has a Patreon page, where individuals who support her can obtain unique casino bonuses and items. She is also active on other social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where players can follow her.


The Big Jackpot is a relatively new channel that has become one of the most popular slots on YouTube. Its major selling point is the high limit and ultra-high limit videos, which feature Scott Richter. No other YouTube medium contains as many high-limit videos as The BigJackpot. It has about 300,000 followers.

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It is mainly famous for its dedication to playing nothing but the high limit slots whose bets often range from $75 to $500 per spin. This channel will appeal to you if you love to chase the jackpots. TheBigJackpot has a devoted fan base known as the “Bomb Squad.” These people can be found in his group pulls or the live video chat.

American Casino Guide

The American Casino Guide is a comprehensive source of information on every gambling aspect. This channel is one of the oldest gaming-focused platforms, which joined YouTube in June of 2006. Since then, it has had about 119,000 followers, generating over 35 million views.

Aside from slot reviews, it also features other casino games, including blackjack, roulette, and craps. Viewers also learn about the best strategies for playing in online casinos for the best entertainment and winning the most money. Steven Bourie, the author of this channel, gets his information from gaming professionals via interviews.

NG Slots

This is a channel that started in February 2017. It has been serving its audience with real slots gaming experiences since then. It has given its viewers a real picture of what happens when playing, good or bad. It has over 113 million views and 180,000 subscribers, demonstrating how big the audience is for that kind of content.

The YouTuber is a gambling fan, which is evident by the excellent quality of the videos it produces. These are great for experienced gamblers and newcomers looking for a YouTube slot machines guide that will teach them a few strategies. The channel also regularly posts links to find the best bonuses and offers on the internet when they want to play with actual money.

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The video roster of NG Slot contains ordinary and high-limit betting. He is completely transparent because he displays his winnings and losses. You can watch any of his videos because of his charisma and enormous personality.


YouTube has evolved into something more than a video-sharing site. The value of its entertainment has increased due to the growing demand for content related to various forms of entertainment. Online slots gambling has become a huge market with new individuals joining all the time hence the popularity of slots videos and channels. The audience includes newcomers learning the ropes of reel-spinning to experienced gamblers who want to sit back and watch the action.

These slot channels have also proven to be valuable sources of information, with bettors learning about the latest sites, the most generous bonuses, and the best games that could be beneficial. Slots fans should check out these YouTube channels and subscribe to those that suit their demands. Unless a community is Premium, there are no fees associated with becoming a member of one of these communities on YouTube.

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