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After Google and Microsoft, Opera jumps in the AI race by adding ChatGPT to its search




2023 is seemed to be the year of AI( Artificial Intelligence). After Microsoft, and Google’s announcement of their AI-powered tools, Opera also hopped on the bandwagon and is planning to integrate AI into its web browsers, and content apps. In its Official blog post, Opera announces that it is integrating “Integrating AI generating Content” services into PC, and Mobile browsers.

The Company is also planning to take step towards expanding its existing AI program into AIFC for its browser, news, and gaming products through its own solutions as well as existing partnerships. Opera is not only the platform that is integrating with ChatGPT. Microsoft is already integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT into its Bing Search Engine. Google has launched its own AI for its own Search Engine dubbed Google Bard. However, Google Bard has a very rocky start and it faltered during its first demo costing Google over $100 billion.

Opera also announces a new “Shorten” tool that will appear on its browser’s sidebar. It is a ChatGPT-powered tool that can be used to generate summaries of web pages, and articles. It also displays a short demo video that gives us a glimpse of how ChatGPT will integrate into the browser. However, this feature is not available to all as of now. Jan Standel, VP of Marketing and Communications at Opera has claimed that the ChatGPT option will launch in browsers very soon.

Opera ChatGPT Integration: How it will work?

The Company in a blog post also showcased a demo video of how the ChatGPT integrated Opera browser will work. To access these features, users need to activate the feature by choosing the Shorten toggle which will be available to the right of the address bar.

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After that, a sidebar with ChatGPT will pop out from the left. This popped-out portion will generate a bulleted summary of the article or the web pages they were looking at.

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announces a new version of Bing that aims to redefine the way web search works. Besides this, the Company announced that it is making changes to the Microsoft Edge browser as well. People are joining the waitlist to access the new version of Bing.

Opera’s new AI-powered Features are on the way

However, ChatGPT integration done in Opera is completely different from Microsoft Edge. Oper’s Search Engine AI Chatbot will provide annotated answers to queries. On the other hand, Microsoft Edge has an AI Copilot feature that also summarizes webpages, and articles. But it also has the capability to generate text for Social Media posts and more.

Presently, Opera is working on other AI-powered features that include the ability to augment the browsing experience by adding “Popular AI-generated Content Services to the sidebar. However, it is not confirmed when these features will arrive.

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