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Download Messenger APK on Android (Latest Version)



Messenger is one of the world’s most popular messaging apps, created by Facebook Inc. It allows users to connect with their friends and family in real time via messages, voice calls, video calls, and more. While the app is widely available on both Android and iOS app stores, some users opt for downloading the APK (Android Package Kit) version for a variety of reasons. This article will delve into the concept of the Messenger APK, its features, and how to safely obtain it.

Facebook’s Messenger is like a virtual room where you can chat, call, and even see your friends and family through video calls. But sometimes, for various reasons, people might not be able to use the Play Store. Maybe they’re in a part of the world where the Play Store doesn’t have that app, or perhaps they want an older version of Messenger that has their favorite feature.

That’s where the APK comes in. It’s like getting the app from a different shop, not the usual Play Store. In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of Messenger APK. We’ll explain what it is, why someone might want it, where to get it safely, and how to set it up on your phone.

Let’s dive in!

What is Messenger APK?

Messenger APK Download

Messenger, the widely used chat application developed by Facebook, is typically downloaded and installed from app stores like Google Play for Android users. However, there’s another method to get this app on your device, and that’s through an APK download.

The term “APK” stands for Android Package Kit. Think of it as a special container or box that holds all the bits and pieces needed to run an app on your Android phone or tablet. When you download Messenger or any other app from the Google Play Store, you’re essentially getting the APK, but everything happens behind the scenes, automatically and seamlessly.

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But why would anyone need to download the Messenger APK directly instead of just using the Play Store? There are a few reasons:

  1. Geographic Restrictions: Some apps or specific versions might not be available in all countries through the Play Store.
  2. Play Store Issues: Sometimes, technical glitches or restrictions on the device might prevent access to the Play Store.
  3. Version Preference: Some users might want an older version of Messenger that’s not available on the Play Store anymore.

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Messenger offers an array of features, including:

  1. Text chats with individuals or groups
  2. Voice and video calls.
  3. Stories: share moments with friends for 24 hours.
  4. Send photos, videos, and files.
  5. AR stickers and filters during video calls.
  6. Payments and money transfers
  7. Play games and engage with various chat extensions.

How to download Messenger APK on Android?

  1. Decide on a Source: Before you start, it’s crucial to decide from where you’ll download the APK. Some reputable sources for APKs include APKPure, Uptodown, and Aptoide. Remember, always choose a trusted site to avoid malicious software.
  2. Enable Unknown Sources:
    • Go to your phone’s settings.
    • Scroll down and find the “Security” or “Privacy” section.
    • Look for an option that says “Install apps from unknown sources” or something similar.
    • Turn this option on. A warning will pop up about the risks. Read it, and, if you’re okay with it, proceed.
  3. Access the APK website:
    • Open your phone’s web browser.
    • Navigate to the website where you want to download the Messenger APK.
  4. Search for Messenger.
    • Use the website’s search bar to find “Facebook Messenger APK”.
    • Choose the most recent version or an older one if you have a specific preference.
  5. Download the APK:
    • Once you’ve found the correct version of Messenger, click on the “Download” button.
    • Wait for the download to complete. This might take a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.
  6. Install the APK:
    • Once downloaded, pull down your notifications bar and tap on the downloaded APK file. Alternatively, use a file manager app to navigate to your downloads folder and tap on the APK file.
    • A new screen will open, showing the app’s permissions. Review them.
    • Tap “Install” at the bottom or top of the screen.
    • Wait for the installation to finish.
  7. Launch Messenger:
    • Once installed, you can open Messenger directly from the installation screen or find its icon in your app drawer.
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 Is there a way to download Messenger APK on iOS?

iOS does not support APKs since they are specifically designed for Android. If you want to get Messenger on an iOS device, you should download it from the official Apple App Store.

Is it safe to access Messenger APK?

While APK files themselves aren’t inherently harmful, the source of the APK can determine its safety. If you’re downloading from a reputable site, it is usually safe.


  1. Flexibility: APK downloads allow users to access versions of apps that might not be available in their region or are no longer available in the Play Store.
  2. Bypassing Restrictions: If, for some reason, the Play Store isn’t working or if an app isn’t available in your country, APKs offer an alternative way to install that app.


  1. Malware and viruses: One of the biggest risks is that some APK files can contain harmful software. If you download and install an APK from an untrustworthy source, it could compromise your device’s security and steal your data.
  2. No Automatic Updates: Apps installed via APK don’t typically receive automatic updates, meaning you might miss out on new features or important security patches.
  3. Potential Legal Issues: Downloading APKs of paid apps or apps that aren’t available in your region might violate copyright laws.
  4. Compatibility Issues: APKs might not always be optimized for your device or OS version, leading to potential performance or functionality problems.


1) Why would someone download the APK version instead of the Play Store version?

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Many reasons can prompt this choice, such as regional restrictions, lack of access to the Play Store, or the need for an older app version.

2) Can APKs harm my device?

While APKs aren’t inherently harmful, downloading from unreliable sources may introduce malware to your device.

3) Is it legal to download APKs?

It depends on the region and the app. Always ensure you’re not violating any copyrights or terms of service.

4) Can I get updates if I install via APK?

Yes, but they may not be automatic. You may need to revisit the APK source for updates.

5) Is the Messenger APK the same as the Play Store app?

In functionality, yes, but they might differ in version and may not have the same security patches.


Messenger APK provides an alternative way for Android users to access Facebook’s popular messaging platform. While it offers the same functionalities, users must exercise caution when downloading to avoid potential security risks. Remember to always prioritize safety by downloading from trustworthy sources and keeping devices up-to-date.

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