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Top 6 Useful Habit Tracking Apps



Did you want to start running, learning a new language, eating right, or reading every day for a long time but never did? We will help! It is believed that you can develop a habit in 21 days. It takes a little motivation, perseverance and consistency, and the right habit tracking app to achieve your goal.

We have created a list of applications that will help control useful habits. From this list, you can choose whatever fits you and your purpose best. Whether you want to study better or to organize your time, you will surely find the right application for yourself. These apps will be especially useful for current students, as you will be able to form studying-related habits faster.

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In the application, you can create your own list of habits, develop a schedule for their implementation (morning, day, evening), and monitor progress. You will receive special reminders so as not to lose regularity. Sync with Samsung Health and Google Fit is available as well. Detailed infographics and statistics will help you analyze your own achievements over time.

Unfortunately, the free version has a limited number of habits and notifications, so for a better user experience, you would probably need to buy a premium subscription. And, good news, it’s available on both Android and iOS, and there is a site with detailed information and tips from this provider.


Loop does not contain advertising, has a simple and clear interface. You can develop habits that should be repeated daily, every other day, or three times a week. Each task “strengthens” the habit and failure to “weaken”. So if you fail to learn new 20 new Spanish words every day for your Spanish class, there will be consequences, which will be displayed in the app.

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The application works together with smartwatches and bracelets. Graphs with achievement statistics are available. However, information about them cannot be synchronized on different devices and exported. Available on Android.

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The program is easy to use. Before you start working on a habit, you can indicate the reason for this decision. It increases motivation and helps to reach the end. Like if you need to study an important subject every evening to get a better grade on the exam, indicating this as a reason and constantly seeing it, will surely motivate you not to miss the training. If because of the process of forming such a new habit you will have not enough time for other less important subjects, such service like Masterpapers might help you out with your essays or other papers.

Silent mode is available in the application when all notifications are turned off. All in order not to be distracted from work. You can set special reminders and a timer at the same time. The whole process of getting into the habit is gamified, and achievements can be viewed in convenient statistics. You can get it on Android, iOS and there is a website from this provider.


The application allows you to select habits, schedule their execution and send notifications with reminders of execution. The main advantage of Productive is simplicity. There is nothing superfluous here that would be distracting. You will be able to track your progress in a convenient section with statistics. However, to train a lot of habits, you will need a premium version. This application can be downloaded to Android and iOS.

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One of the most gamed applications. Along with your progress in the development of the habit, a small plant will sprout. You can schedule specific tasks and receive notifications about them. Follow the results in the statistics section. Avocation also has a lot of training materials to help you on the path to improvement. You can get it on Android and iOS.

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New Habit

The main feature of the application is that in addition to your own habits, you can train one of the proposed. The application has a large database of interesting proposals. In addition to the idea itself, you will also receive an explanation of the benefits of the habit and instructions for its implementation. You can follow your progress or compete with friends or different. All you have to do is challenge them in New Habit. Download it to Android and iOS as well.

To Sum Up

What are you waiting for? Start downloading the apps and find out which one is working the best for you. We are sure that according to your habit purposes you will choose the best app from our list and will easily manage to form new habits.


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